Completed Scenes

  • Here are our completed scenes. There are 15 parts to split among the travelling students. 9 technicians are needed too. Students must learn their lines by heart. We will organize videconferences to rehearse online before meeting.


    scene 2.pdf

    scene 3.pdf

    Let's say who wants to do what in this chart:

    Character Student's name/ Country
    Sc1 Storyteller Marika/Poland
           Sermin Dila/Turkey
    Spirit Giulia/Italy
          Rifat Eymen/Turkey
    Jules Lisandro/ FR
    Interviewer Stavroula/ Greece
    Sc2 Storyteller  Raphael / FR
          Dante Berrak/Turkey
         Beatrice Zuia G./Poland
    Sc3 Storyteller Sofia/Italy
           Victor Hugo Marcel/Poland
           Quasimodo János/Hungary
           Character 1 Noah FR*
          Character 2 Hanna/Hungary
           Cosette  Aurora/Italy
    9 Technicians Maxence FR Maxime FR


    * Sentence We suffered so much. That's why we came this far.