School activities

  • Students discovered environment issues and were invited to step into action ( eg: collecting waste, saving water systems, create vegetable gardens in schools....).

    Here are a few games they could play:


    Let's see what they have done:


    Students prepared games to play for everyone:

    A kahoot:

    Online puzzles:

    Hidden and crossed words to print:






  • Our ecofriendly actions

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Pre primary students sowing beans seeds! They love activities concerning Nature.


    All environmental activities Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu has done

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Nature Easter eggs: our students collected some leaves, flowers and similar to make these nice Easter eggs

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR PLANET: The activity focused on practical skills about recycling. Waste is to be sorted and put into specific containers according to the type of material. According to sustainable development goals of Europe till 2030, pupils learn how to recognize symbols linked to recycling (also with the support of Junker, a specific app). In this way, we hope to promote the creation of a environmental awareness.

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Earth Day 2021 -
    Our pre primary, primary and lower secondary school students have joined the EARTH DAY 2021; the youngest have explored nature in the school garden and then drawn what they have seen; primary students have read some Italian and English texts on the theme; then have watched a video and sung a song; they created a mascotte to celebrate the Earth Day and gifted it to the little students of pre-primary school to raise their awareness on the theme. 6th-8th students have realized pen-holders recycling what they had at home. Then they have watched a video "I'm Greta", an emotional journey to discover the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, engaged in the climate crisis. A n interesting debate came out from this video and some 8th graded students have chosen this theme as their topic for the final exam.

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    WE DON'T HAVE A PLANET B! The big global environmental issues we need to resolve by 2030 -
    Our 8th graded students presented an ebook about environmental issues at their final exams. They have made researches, compared the information and reported them orally, commenting the pictures they have chosen for each page. You can find the ebook in materials, file.

    Hungary Szabó Pál Primary School and Elementary Art School

    You can also pick it up program
    Students picked up litter in different parts of the city, mainly around the school. In this way they helped to keep their environment clean and tidy. Throughout the project, they were given information about selective waste collection.

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou - Greece

    Here you can find all the Environmental literacy activities we had at our school.

    Primary School no.30 in Wrocław/Poland

    All activities performed within Environment Literacy by the students of our school in Poland you can find in presentation.

    Collège Elsa Triolet France

    Our environment activities can be seen here:
    They granted us the E3D ecolabel, a national school award.

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Our school joined an environmental challenge: students and teachers cleaned our grove from plastic and other materials. Thanks to the Association "Plastic free" that gave to us the possibility to reach the place by bus.

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece

    We got awarded certificates for all the hard work we did on Climate Acton Project in November 2021