8.c LINGUISTIC LITERACY(literature and languages)

  • Activities on Linguistic Literacy.

    1. Literature and language activities in class : Students will discover about their national literature and foreign literature ( in the languages they are taught at school) :each school is independent to organize them according to their practical possibilities, and share the results on twinspace in this page.

    2. Local visits to associations, conferences, exhibitions (each  school is independent) and sharing the results on twinspace.

    3.Creation of a School Book Club to share about favorites on a local level.

    Preparation of students Learning Teaching Activity 2 .


    1. After discovering their partners' literature culture on twinspace, students will and use it to write the scenes on the theme of literature for the travelling and local students to perform during the mobility.

    2. They will prepare the decor and costumes with recycled elements and using mathematics to create artistic elements.

    3. Creation of an online Book club on twinspace to share their favorite with partners.