Logo School Activities

  • Let's tell each other how the logo competition went on in your schools!



    In our school , we launched the competition to find our best logo:

    Then we collected all the logos and the staff voted for 3 their favorite :

    Our number 1:



    First we made a poster to let all students know about our logo contest.

    Then, all students and teachers voted for their favourite one of the two which abided by the rules.

                              And the winner is ...




    Drawings have been made by students of primary and secondary school.

    They are all uploaded on the dedicated page of the twinspace.

    We took votes by sharing the drawings of the Logo on the school Facebook page:

    .....and the winner is:

    by Angelica Bertino, grade 7 



    And then we voted for the 2 most liked logos from those created by our partners.


    ..... the 1st is the logo from the Collège Départemental Elsa Triolet school and the second is from the Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu school. 

    Congratulations dear, dear students!



    Today we finished voting the partners Logo. 

    Some teachers and students, also the ones who attend classes online, have voted their favourites 2 Logos; 


    the winners are:

    1- Greece

    2- France

    Congratulations, dear Greek and French students! 


    In October after an announcement, grade 3-5 drew propositions of the project logo and grade 6-8 designed it digitally.

    the winner  was a logo by M.A grade 7a

    Then as homework students from 4-8 grades voted for the best logo on Google Teams

    In our school in a voting Greek logo won the second place had Hungary. Congratulation!!

  • Logo School Activities


    Logo Contest has been organized


    All logos done by the Turkish Students