Environment completed scenes

  • Here are our completed scenes. There are 18 parts to split among the travelling students. 9 technicians are needed too. Students must learn their lines by heart. We will organize videconferences to rehearse online before meeting.




    Let's say who wants to do what in this chart:

    Character Student's name/ Country
    Sc1 Storyteller Soela (GR)
           George Kyriakos(GR)
           History Teacher Edanur TR
           Elon Musk Alexis FR
           Lumberjack Nathael FR 
    Sc2 Storyteller  Angelica (IT)
           Carmelo Filio GR
           Agata ElifEcrin TR
           Old man/ woman Marta PL
           Stranger Maja PL
    Sc3 Storyteller Yavuz TR
           Elif Carlotta (IT)
           Batuhan Batuhan TR
           Ps Selma Maria (IT)
           Bandit 1 Lou FR (1)
           Bandit 2 Romane FR (1)
           Policeman  Victoria GR
           John Smith Oliwia PL
    9 Technicians Ines FR (1) Mattia (IT) Gioele (IT) Hungary : 4 technicians Zsófi (HU) Máté (HU) Lili (HU) Pál (HU) Eliza PL Ç─▒nar TR- Paisios (GR), Giorgos (GR)