Training Content

  • The training workshops that took place during this meeting aimed at developing school curriculums in the subjects of the Erasmus Project Literally Eunited : environment and linguistics literacy. The host partner offered a training to the new Erasmus Program and Accreditation application.




    -Classes visits of language, literature, and biology lessons and job shadowing to  share teaching experiences with teachers and students.


    -Workshop on how to teach , linguistics and environment issues in an innovative way.


    -Training session to use the eTwinning platform in the most effective way

    -Training on  ICT tools  (managing and implementing activities, evaluating, assessing tools, creating innovative products)

    -Workshop on project management

    -Workshop on Accreditation application  (new Erasmus+ Program)



    Engage in fun classes on real-world contents supported by local professional tutors;

    Acquire first-hand experience as a student to reflect on their professional attitude as a teacher

    Developing environment and linguistics teaching

    Getting acquainted with Erasmus Program 2021/2027


    The training has been held in English and the participants had the possibility to practice and improve their language knowledge, as well as job related vocabulary


     ICT tools  to create innovative lessons


    Project Management

  • Documents displayed during training

    Erasmus Program 2021/27

    Overview of the new opportunities.

    Erasmus Accreditation

    How to fill in the application form.

    Presentation of Erasmus

    What are the different actions?

    Collaborative ICT Tools

    Some ICT tools useful for the project were introduced.

    Tools to assess and evaluate activities