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    Videoconference 1

    The coordinators of all the project countries had the first online meeting on the 15th of October. The meeting was about to greet each other, etwinning issues and the planning of the first activities.
    We decided on how to organize the actual twinspace, and about the calendar too.

    Videoconference 2

    The coordinators of all the project countries had the second online meeting on the 6th of January. The meeting was about to decide on how to plan the writing activities. It was decided to:

    -have the students work on mixed teams. Each student writes a few line and imposes a few words to another student.

    -We will write 6 scenes per theme. Each school will rehearse and perform one scene for each mobility.

    -Schools can add independent activities and share them on twinspace.

    Videoconference 3

    On June 21st, we made a report on our first year of work together. We listed all the activities we led and what remains to achieve in order to complete them. Due to the pandemics, we decided to ask for an extension of the project until 2023. Therefore we also worked on a new calendar, and changed the deadlines of some activities as well as the dates of mobilities. We also planned the mobilities taking place in 2021/22. So far the staff training should take take place but the question of students mobilities is still in question due to the sanitary situation.

    Videoconference 4

    The videoconference took place on Tuesday 5 6pm cet.
    The menu was:
    - france staff meeting: content and travel details
    -students mobilities: dates / turkey mobility
    -this year common activities and ts organization

    Videoconference 4
    Videoconference 4