•   All the Learning, Teaching and Training activities will be related to our five main themes and aim at completing the activities in a collaborative way. As all our activities will result in the making of common products, it is utterly necessary that both teachers and students meet in order to finalize the product together with the partners. All the mobilities will thus follow the agenda of our project activities, and each one of them will correspond to one of the themes we decided upon in order to highlight and disseminate the outcome of the project activities. With this goal in mind, participants will be selected according to their involvement in the activities. As each theme correspond to a certain level of expertise, the staff who will join the training activities will have been selected for their involvement in the project and their expertise in order to supervise the training workshops but volunteer staff can also be chosen to allow them to improve their teaching, creative and collaborative skills by attending dedicated workshops organized by the host country. As to the students, we will make sure that all the grades will be represented during mobilities and extra English classes be given previously so that everyone is able to interact with the partners. SEN students, students with social or economic issues will be included and be part of the mobilities. School announcement about Learning, Teaching and Training activities will be made, and students and parents be informed so that students can volunteer. Underprivileged and demotivated students will be targeted during selection time. They will have to write a letter, join an interview to show their motivation. As to practical organization, we will decide upon the exact dates as early as possible so that we save on flights, visits and accomodation. Insurances will be taken by the travelling schools to be sure students and staff can be taken care of in case of an accident or disease. School authorities, local embassies, will be informed about the travelling students so that they can help in case of emergency. The other matters will be managed by the host schools. Airport transfers will be managed by the local partners (schools, stakeholders sponsorship). Stakeholders (local representatives) will be invited to help with their local facilities to save on everyday transport from families to school or hotel to school. Hosting families will be chosen according to a selection done before the activity: school staff will visit the families to check on the reliances of the information. Like for the online activities, the respect of the GPDR to share information about the traveling students, their activities at schools will be a priority. Parental consent sheets will be distributed to families in order to be allowed to use children's image on any social media.