8a.Logo Activity

  • Let's choose a logo to represent the project!

    Students let your imagination and creativity get loose!


    Here are the conditions :

    -You can draw it by hand or on computer.

    -The name of the project Literally EUnited must appear.

    -The colors/flags of the partners must be visible!

    In each school, you will vote for your  best logo and upload them here (don't forget to add the initials of your country):

    Then we will all vote for our favorite one! Each school organizes a vote to select their 2 favorite! You won't be allowed to vote for your countries' !


  • Our best logos

    Hungarian digital logo

    Hungarian logo made by our 8th graders on IT classes.

    France logo

    by Sarah D

    Greek logo

    The winning logo made by Chrysanthi T, a 1st grader


    Created by Yavuz G├╝ltepe


    by Marika A. year 7

    Italian Logo

    The Logo has been realized by Angelica B. , year 7

  • What is your favorite logo? Each school chooses 2.
    4 votes (40.00%)
    1 vote (10.00%)
    2 votes (20.00%)
    2 votes (20.00%)
    1 vote (10.00%)
    0 votes (0%)