The activities

  •  As we want our students to understand that key competences are interdependent, our activities will be articulated around thefirst two of the  5 themes which will allow us to meet our objectives and achieve various products. The main collaborative activity will have students write short scenes to play during mobilities in order to illustrate the 5 themes of the project. The scenario basis will be about one of the main themes. They will use recycled elements and their artistic works (using mathematics) to create decors and costumes. They will discover Cultural Heritage (online and on site) places to add to their scenes. During school lessons, the themes will be developed this way:

    1. Linguistics

    -readinng and writing workshops

    - collaborative online writing to create scenes to be performed during mobilities

    -develop foreign language skills, English mainly as it is the project language


    2. ARTISTIC LITERACY (drama, music, plastic arts)

    -Students will create artistic material, and prepare a common online exhibition, and the decor / costumes of the scenes to play

    -discover their cultural heritage (local monuments visits, exhibitions), and share it with partners

    -We will help them access to a musical activity/ attend performances,

    -Students will show their musical talents 3.LINGUISTIC LITERACY(literature and languages)

    -We will promote activities encouraging reading, writing various types of texts in their mother tongue and foreign tongue. We will create an online and actual school book club to share about their favorite books and creative writing workshops.

    - Foreign Languages will be worked through collaborating in English or other taught foreign languages.

    -students will discover new languages and learn the basics thanks to workshops during meetings.

    -students will write their own texts in a foreign language : the scenes to play during mobilities.


    3. Environment Literacy

    - actions will be organized to help our students acquire behavioral strategies : trash-picking, petitions, campaign making, presentations,

    -recycling workshops will allow students to create decors/costumes.