Linguistic Literacy Evaluation


    The Italian team prepared a survey which was used as an inspiration to evaluate our students:

    survey on reading

  • Evaluation results: before/ after activities

    A pre-survey to measure students reading habits in Turkey

    According to the results of the pre-survey that 644 students at Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu took, the rate of studets who reads books regularly is 42.9%.

    Collège Elsa Triolet

    Our presurvey showed only 39% of our students read. At the end of activities we hope to raise this rate.

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Linguistic Literacy Evaluation -
    From the pre-survey we can see our students like reading and have read at least a book. We would like them to read more, also in foreign languages.


    Post Survey and the Analysis
    10 unique activities to improve the reading habits and to instill a love of books. 1300 students took part indirectly, lasted for eight months and approximately 600 students participated in them.
    *According to the preliminary survey we conducted at the beginning of the theme, the rate of good reading habits among students was 57.8%. After activities, the rate increased to 66.5%. Reading habits increased by 9.7%.
    *In addition, the rate of students who read more than 10 books per year increased from 39% to 47%.
    *78.8% love for reading increased.
    *68% enjoyed the unique activities
    *According to the observations of the language teachers, they agree that the reading habits of the students are well developed thanks to these activities. They are now getting better results in reading comprehension and they have achieved better results in their mother tongue and foreign language exams this year compared to last year.

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece -Literacy - Initial Survey

    As we can see the majority of our students read books and they don’t borrow them from libraries. Most of the parents read. Only 20% of the students read novels and almost the same is with reading poetry- which is an amazing finding! Only 16% have never read an English book, 29,2% have read a couple of books, 35,4% have read three to five books and 18,8% have read more than five. We aim at motivating all students to read at least 4 books by the end of summer vacations and have a book presentation fair in early September. We put such a deadline because our students have a lot of studying to do for school, so summer is the best option for literature reading.

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece

    Literacy - Initial Survey (filling it in)

    A pre-survey to measure students reading habits in Poland

    Before the beginning of the literary project, a survey was conducted on a randomly selected group of 50 students from our school. Also, the same questions were asked after a year. All parameters increased in favor of reading.

    Survey to measure students reading habits in Poland