Our Literary Schools Activities

  • We  organized different school activities in class, local visits to associations, conferences, exhibitions (each  school is independent) and shared the results .

    The Italian team prepared a survey:

    survey on reading


  • Our literature related events


    All the literary school activities

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Italy celebrates the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri on 25th March 2021. Our school activities about our great Poet.

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy


    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou , Greece

    A project in Latin of Class B, Humanities direction class, has Latin as a main sublect with Mr Christos Kyriazakis. They researched for the relationships of Latin with the Greek and other European languages. A sample of their work is the project: The language is alive!

    Sinka István Memorial Day Vésztő

    The poet and writer was born in 1897 in Nagyszalonta. He was born in Bihar to a family of shepherds. He came to Vésztő in 1928 with his wife, Piroska Pap. He left behind many literary masterpieces. His best known work is The Confessions of the Black Shepherd. At this event, he was remembered by the school's students, teachers and residents.

    Collège Elsa Triolet France

    We led various activities from writing workshops, to drama activities. We celebrated poetry and literature with exhibitions and contests. We opened a Slam Club, a Book Club, a Newspaper but also Language Clubs to extend our activities. Our school received an academy prize for a program in which our grade 6 had to write a drama play with the help of an author and of course our French teacher



    All the literary school activities

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece

    All our literacy school activies