School Activities

  • During that wonderful week, our Greek partners Thekla Kafkiam the Principal Ioannis Protopappas, and their team welcomed us to start our first mobility. Our students met different people from different cultures and shared many activities together.

    Among these , they first introduced each other to their school and culture thanks to presentations they had prepared at school. They visited historical and cultural places (in Serres, Neos Skopos, the villages around and Thessaloniki), attended local dances and musical shows performed by the Greek students in order to know more about their host partner culture.

    They visits protected natural sites, attended workshops and conferences on environmental issues and joined mixed groups activities such as conferences, quizzes, recycling workshop, solar panel making.

    Most of all, they finally rehearsed and performed the scenes which were written the year before as the main objective of the mobility, with the help of the French coordinator Mira Hamrit. They prepared the decor with recycled elements and the help of a local artist, Vasils Vafiadis. 

    Here is a video to present you better than words the amazing moments we shared and our students performance: