Our Online and Schools Book Clubs

  • Here is our Online Book Club. Please feel free to share about your favorite books. Choose the right type (scroll on the right) and then, write a few lines (author, title, short summary and review). Then you can add a more detailed  opinion on the forum.


    Made with Padlet



    A poster competition was organized to choose a poster for the Book Club.


    Turkish students made posters of their favourite books.

  • Our School book Clubs. Each school offered students a place to talk about their favorite books.

    Mustafa Kemal School

    Turkey Reading Club
    Aiming to increate reading habits of students, we opened a new online book club where students will add the books they read answering a few questions that lead students to think critically. The ones who read most will be the bookworms at school. Some rewards will be waiting for them. Maybe you can meet one of our bookworms at a mobility.

    College Elsa Triolet

    France Book Club
    Students can share about their favorite books, write reviews, read new books but also listen to audio books.

    Polish Book club

    In December in grade 7, we organized a contest for a poster for Online Book Club. This poster was designed by Maciek D.7a.
    Do you like reading books? Do like to discuss books you have read?
    Can you encourage others to read?
    This is a place for you. We invite you!

    ICS "San Giorgio" Catania, Italy

    Our Online Book Project

    Szabó Pál School- Online Book Club

    Every month, the online book club gives students the chance to share their favourite books. Using the google classroom app, they give a short presentation of the books they have chosent. The next day they can use the zoom app to discuss their experiences and favourite quotes.

    Photo collage- Hungarian student

    This photo collage was made by a Hungarian student. Her favorite book is Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece

    Our book clubs posters

    Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou, Greece

    Our English Book Club promotional video