Our Countries, our culture

  • In order to know more about our countries and culture, each school is invited to make research about a country. Then they make a presentation for the other schools to discover, and offer a quizz to play and test our knowledge. You can play before reading the presentation and after reading it to see how well you improved your culture.

    Please each school, choose your country:

    France Hungary
    Turkey Poland
    Poland Italy
    Greece France
    Italy Greece
    Hungary Turkey


     The Italian team has made the game (a kahoot ) about partners' countries so let's play!


    Then share your results here: 

    Italian students played and had fun!

    French students played too! 


    The Greek team playing!


  • Our presentations and quizzes. Share your presentations and games here, then your results. They will be used as post evaluation material.


    by Turkish Students

    Polish Culinary

    Prepared by Turkish Students

    Poland by Turkey

    All the posters


    Italian students have prepared a presentation about the amazing land of one of our partner: GREECE!


    a short description by Geniko Lykeio Neou Skopou with all our love!

    Italy presented by Polish students.
    Italy presented by Polish students.
    Hungary presented by France

    Our 7th graders worked on this presentation.


    Presentation made by Hungarian students.

    Turkey- Kahoot game

    Our team has prepared a Kahoot game

    Turkey, Duzce, School Presentation