Introduction - who is who

  • Here we will introduce ourselves...

    Edit presentations below, insert your photo in each slide if you want and add some basic info about yourself: age, hobbies, pets, whatever you want to share with other team members. There is a presentation for each partner school.

    After you edit your info you can see the final presentations below:

    Czech team:

    Slovak team:

    Romanian team:

    Polish team:

  • Let´s introduce ourselves! Write a short description of you, your school, region, country... Add a video or a picture.

    Video guide of our region in CZ
    Facts about Czech Republic
    Facts about Poland
    Facts about Romania
    Sheldon Cooper on Czech Rep, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova
    Facts about Spain
    Our city Havířov | Michal Mrázek, Karolína Mrázková & Valentina Vašková
    School presentation

    Presentation about I LO im. Stefana Żeromskiego w Pucku

    About Puck

    History and facts about the town of The wedding of the land with the sea-14 February

    Kashubian area

    Presentation on customs and traditions.

    Poland, the language and culture.

    An interesting presentation

    Poland and our beauty

    An amazing story