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    Slovak nature

    Here in Slovakia we have a beautiful nature which we must protect, clean and enhance. Recently, beautiful attractions and swings have been added all over Slovakia, which will take people out for a beautiful walk in nature.


    In our garden we grow forsythia, one of my favorite plants - I like the bright yellow color it has :) Funfact: it's name in czech could be literally translated to ''Golden rain'', which is pretty cool I think!

    Alley of Chinese metasequoia in Havířov

    The alley, which was planted in the 1960s, consists of 16 Chinese metasequoias.

    Peach tree blossom

    On our walk near by Havířov in beautiful nature we found cowslip(Primula veris). In Czech we also call it "prvosenka jarní" or "petrklíč".


    Snow-white water lily (Nymphaea candida) is a herbaceous, perennial, protected by law plant from the family of nymphs (Nymphaeaceae), widespread in Europe (including Romania and the Republic of Moldova), the Caucasus, Siberia, Central Asia. In Romania it is a rare species, found sporadically in the smooth-flowing or stagnant waters of the Danube Delta and the Tisza plain.


    These flowers announce the beginning of spring in Romania and grow in the forest.They are my favorite due to their intense colors and pleasant smell.
    RO:Botezatu Anca

    Wild garlic

    Also called bear’s garlic or ramsons (in Czech we call it "medvědí česnek"). It is edible and is also used in medicine. There is a huge area of bear’s garlic near my house, so I use it for many of my recipes.


    This is my pear tree which was planted 3 years ago. It is the first time when it is so blooming. I hope it will have some delicious pears this year.
    Andone Alexandru-Eduard

    The Beskydy Mountains

    This is the view from our Czech mountains Beskydy. These mountains are the nearest to our town Havířov. There is beutiful nature, lots of touristic routes and lots of beautiful views. We are happy that we can live here and visit them as often as we want.

    Lily flower

    Lily flower is a species that blooms in spring. It is a shrub whose height can reach up to seven meters, with straight branches and slightly edged vines. I really love the smell and look of it.

    Quince tree

    This is a quince tree that I planted 2 years ago. This year, it bloomed very beautiful. I hope that I will get to try one of his delicious fruits.

    My flowers

    These are some flowers from my garden. They have bloomed very nicely this year. My grandmother and I take care of them almost every day and we are very proud of the results!
    Soptelea Stefana

    Forest trail

    Peony is a flower known for its strong fragrance, vivid hues and for its resistance when used in bouquets.
    Chirilă Cristiana

    A unique Weeping Willow

    This one I found during my walk in the park in Oliwa near Gdańsk. Made by Izabela Pałucka

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