C5 - mobility in PL (06/2022)

  • 30th May - 3rd June 2022

    In the last mobility in Poland both students and teachers were involved in lessons, workshops, field trips and activities which extended our knowledge about the specific region on the Baltic coast, Kashubian one, its traditions, culture and the Kashubian language - a local ethnic-minority language officially recognised since 2005, spoken by some 100,000 people. Moreover, we focused on environmental problems, the fauna and flora of the Baltic Sea participating in lectures in the Marine Institute of Oceanography in Hel and Puck. Our Communicative and IT skills were improved and successfully used during meetings, writing a newsletter on etwinning platform and working on the Manual of Good practice, our essential final outcome. We exchanged our knowledge and experience and shared our materials with local community, on the blog, etwinning and in a regional newspaper. We tried to disseminate all our products to underline the values of the project.
    All our activities were transparently connected with the mobility and some of them were presented during our meeting. The lessons, trips and activities were focused on main topic of sustainability and integrated with a lesson plan. During the mobility we celebrated The World Environment Day discussing the importance of the environment protection in workshops and discussion groups. The field trips to Hel peninsula and the coastal area of this part of the Baltic Sea helped students understand and witness the impact of World War II on the local environment with ecological damage hidden under the sea level where sunken war ships represent a huge threat to the sea ecosystem. We took advantage of this last mobility to celebrate there our two-year partnership and conclude our work, evaluate the project collaboration and prepare for the publication of Manual of Good Practice.

    This activity was the culmination of previous online collaborative work on Twinspace and other online tools. The period before the mobility was used to study various forms of being "green" for the purpose of sustainability. For example we learned about using ecologic means of transport in each partner country (bikes, trains, eco buses, boats etc.) and compared data online. Students studied the use of bicycles as a means of transport to their schools and compared the results. World Oceans Day was celebrated during the mobility so beforehand we investigated online and in libraries or local institutions to be able to discuss the findings during the meeting in Poland. This was very interesting because 2 of the partner school have access to 2 different seas: The Baltic and The Black Sea. The only two landlocked countries learned a lot from the other schools. Czech partner school informed others of the plan to build the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal to connect the Black Sea with the Baltic Sea and discussed its benefits or threats to the ecology and sustainable development. Students worked on the regular newsletter (like after each mobility) which was made as usual in a collaborative way using a shared Google doc published on Twinspace so that the public could make use of all the gathered information and findings related to the topic, issues and tasks planned and precisely sorted out during our last meeting.

    The involved participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the local landscape on the coast of the Baltic Sea, local traditions connected to the marine life, typical jobs and cuisine influenced by the direct access to the sea, local dialect/language called Kashubian together with the related art. The region where the Polish partner school is situated is strongly affected by the sea proximity so the participants were able to see how it influences the environment, the employability and thus the importance of keeping the sea clean for the future generations so that they can also benefit from it. Lots of families there rent their homes or rooms to tourists who come there to enjoy the warm summer days on the beach. Without clean sea there would be no tourists and less employment - the students saw it with their own eyes. We also experienced a cross-curricular connection between ecology and history when we discussed the influence of World War II on the sea ecosystem there with lots of sunken war ships around Gdansk causing a huge ecology threat if the tanker shipwreck leaks its hold of petrol. All our skills were improved during the meeting both IT, communicative or language ones. We exchanged the fundamental values about our culture, language and regions. We became more aware of the topic of sustainability to keep our fragile environment clean, safe and healthy for the future generations.


    Sunday 30 th May 2022


    Arrival and accommodation in Aparthotel Kamienica in Puck.


    Monday 31st  May 2021


    8.00  Welcome in front of the school with a headteacher-one photo

    8.15-a trip to Pump-storage power plant in Żarnowiec-a visit with a short lecture

    9.45- An open-air museum in Nadole-sightseeing, zero-waste workshops with some sewing  and baking bread lessons.

    12:00- A treat with local delicacies by Kashubian local community and a view point in Gniewino, Kashubian eye and Stolems legends.

    14.30- City game in Puck-students teams have fun

    16:00- Bowling in Sports Centre in Moksir, sailing on a Puck Bay, only students

    18:00-dinner in a local restaurant: ‘Pod Lwem’

    18:30-coming back to the hotel


    Tuesday  31st  June 2022


    8:00 Departure to Swarzewo from the railway station by bus

    8:30- Visit a Sewage treat Hel Peninsula, a lecture on it by Stanisław Cytawa-a technologist

    10:00- a trip to Łeba Słowinski National Park -amazing dunes-

     11.00- a ride by melex to Military Launch - visiting the launch, playing volleyball and badminton and sunbathing, walking about 3 km to Łecka Dunes and back to Military Launch ( casual outfit, trainers and a light jacket or a tracksuit)

    16:00-a ride back by melex from Military Launch

    18:00- A dinner in the restaurant : Pod Lwem



    Wednesday 1nd June 2021

    7:40-leaving Puck to Gdańsk

    9:00- Gdańsk Oliwa- Oliwska Cathedral and park about an hour and a half, a meeting with a tour-guide Anna Kotula

    11:15-13:30-the next point in Gdańsk, Amber Museum, Artus Court and walking along Długa Street, Mariacka

    13:30-14:30-lunch in a restaurant: Rotterdam

    14:30-16:00  the Amber Museum

    A short walk along Długa Street, a short history of Gdańsk, a photo near Neptune, Green Gate, Golden Gate

    16: 30-Leaving Gdańsk

    18:00- in a hotel


    Thursday 2rd June 2022


    8:15 – a trip to Hel Peninsula. Stop in Jurata-a sculpture of the symbol Juratka, On one side Puck Bay, on the other-The Baltic Sea

    10: 30  Feeding of seals at Seal Aquarium

    11:15- a visit in a Seal Aquarium-a lesson on the Baltic Sea-a lesson of biology in Water

    13:30- Fishermen Museum-a view point

    15:00 a long walk to experience the connection of the Bay with the sea, the beginning of Poland, a lighthouse and some military points

    17:00- Coming back to Darżlubie- to A folk kashubian feast in Darżlubie-dinner with some dessert and folk music, some Polish traditions, barbecue- Potrykus Rafał

    In the hotel about  10.00 p.m or later


    Friday 3th  June


    8:00- 11:00 A cruise on a Puck Bay-19 students with Dalimil Sebesta-1,5 hour on a the Bay, 1,5 hour on the coast-a biology lesson with Błękitna Szkoła from Władysławowo

    A lesson of Geography at Puck Bay along educational route with geography teacher Izabela Bieszka with teachers and sailing on the Puck Bay

    8:45-visit in  the Museum of Puck Land- 1,5 hour of visiting the museum, talking about traditions, customs and life in the past (teachers only)coffee break

    11:30- A welcome at school by a headteacher and local authorities, newspaper and television, a show by our school artistic group-Wielokąt artystyczny, a dancing class- by Katarzyna-Bartoszewicz Stromska

    12:30- Gabriela Niewiadomska and Zuzanna Derc,Aniela Dubicka a presentation on Sustainability, Agnieszka Legęza Manual of Good Practice

    13:00-Visual thinking in mixed groups on Sustainability in English- All teams need to think about the subject before, talking and discussing in groups, presenting in classroom 3, prepare some ideas from etwinning

    14:00-Visiting school and the surounding-chemistry experiments, playing board games or badminton, a questionnaire- evaluation of the meeting in IT room

    15: 30-leaving school

    16:00- Dinner in a Restaurant: „Pod Lwem”.

    Free time


    Saturday 4th  June 2022


    Saying good bye to all the partners


    Newsletter (edit HERE):

    Photogallery: click here

    Questionnaire results:

    What was the BEST experience this week for you?

    Party in Kaszubian style
    Running in the rain, net fishing in Hel, making rugs and baking bread, party
    For me this week best experience was "biesiada" we learnt some polish songs, tasted polish bbq, talked with Kashubians, they were in their traditional costume
    The best experience this week for me was when we went in Hel. We dressed with some overalls and we went in the water to collect some samples from the Baltic Sea
    The best experience this week for me was when we visited Gdansk where I learned a lot of things about that city .
    The best experience this week was when we went bowling. 
    The best experience this week for me was the trip to Gdansk. 
    visiting the hel peninsula
    The kashubian feast!!!
    Visiting the dunes in Leba Slowinski national park
    Typical polish party
    food and the surprise party
    Definitely the traditional Kashubian feast and food
    The visit of Gdansk
    Dragging the fishing net to collect samples
    A cruise with the marine biologist - it was interesting and dunes
    When we visited the marine center in Hel + the cruise around the Bay of Puck on friday. Also swimming in the Baltic Sea in Leba.
    Slowinski park 
    Kashubian fest
    That would be the dunes in the national park and kashubian feast 

    What was the WORST experience this week for you?

    Everything was amazing 
    That the time is passing so fast :((( I'm gonna miss you guys
    I didn't have any bad experience 
    I don't have a bad experience for this week, everything was perfect to me
    There were no bad experience during this week. 
    Everything was great. 
    i don't have a worst experience
    the unpleasant weather 
    Heavy raining almost every day which spoiled some fun 
    Sand everywhere and bad weather
    sand everywhere and rain
    Everything was perfect
    Rain and weather
    When we got soaked in the rain 😔
    leaving :(
    everything was nice
    Bad weather
    The rainy weather

    What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?

    I would like to walk less 
    I would only like the week to be longer 
    No more meetings lol :(
    I would change nothing. Everything was perfect. 
    I wouldn't change anything, everything was just perfect.
    I don't think there is something that needs to be changed. 
    I wouldn't change anything, it is perfect the way it is. 
    more intresting place, not much museum
    I would like longer free time on the trips.
    I'd prefer less packed program and little more free time for us to discover the city on our own
    More freetime 
    more freetime and little less museums
    I would like to spend more time in Gdansk
    I am satisfied, but I would welcome the more free timne
    just not visiting so many cultural places like churches and museums , more exploring of thge city
    More free time in the afternoon to buy souvenirs and snacks 👍
    I wouldn't change anything
    More interesting places to visit in Gdansk.
    More free time in visited areas
    Probably more free time throughout the day
    More time together

    Was the meeting well organized?

    average score: 4,71 / 5,00

    Were all objectives of the meeting achieved?

    average score: 4,86 / 5,00

    Were all the topics from the agenda covered?

    average score: 4,86 / 5,00

    Did you like the programme of the meeting? Was it interesting for you?

    average score: 4,76 / 5,00

    What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work in this stage of the project?

    Meeting my friends 
    Improving language skills 
    That I learnt more about the environment etc. Sometimes I was shocked whats happening in the seas
    The fact that i got to know new people, learn new information about the Baltic Sea and see new places 
    Learning new things from new people, making new friendships, improving my english speaking skills 
    Meeting new people. 
    The most attractive thing about my work in this stage of the project was meeting new people and learning new things. 
    i don't know
    The opportunity of travelling abroad and meeting new people and their cultures.
    I really enjoyed meeting new people, discovering a country that I've never been to and and practicing my English 
    Meeting new people
    visiting new places, meeting new people, improving english
    I made new friends, practised my English and learnt new words in Polish
    Learning new information about the country and training my English
    knowing the other cultures
    Meeting with other international students 
    Working together as a team.
    Meeting new people and communication in other languages. Learning new stuff.
    Opportunity to learn new languages and travel.
    The opportunity to be here
    Education and Friendship

    Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.

    Meeting in Poland was perfect, not boring and well organised, I loved that most of the time we learned through having fun with all the activities and not sitting and listening to lectures 
    Everything was perfect! Keep going like this
    I don't think that the coordinators has to improve anything because they are doing a great job 
    Nothing to add 
    Everything was great, keep going!! <3 
    More intresting places and no everytime museum
    IT WAS AMAZING!~THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As I already mentioned, I'd prefer less packed program, but everything else was perfect (accommodation, food,...) 
    Hotel just for students, later breakfast
    later breakfast, more freetime
    Everything was perfect 
    keep doing job well
    do not hurry that much, but you are doing awesome job
    I don't know
    Have breakfast a little later?
    Less churches :{
    I don’t have anything to add It was absolutely great!!!
    Everything was attractive.