P1 - W for WATER, introduction (09-11/2020)

  • In the initial stage of the project we will select / set up project teams and establish a Twinspace where all participants will have access and communicate, present themselves, their schools, cities, regions and countries as well as their typical local or regional environmental problems focused on WATER which is the topic for the first mobility in Spain. Pupils will be informed of eSafety rules, they will have a workshop on using Twinspace and also a workshop on how to use internet resources without breaking copyright rules. All personal information will be processed according to GDPR. A LOGO competition will be held. Erasmus+ clubs will be established in each school where involved pupils will meet with their teacher coordinators. School webpages will inform of the new project, local newspapers will possibly publish some article, school noticeboard will inform of the new project activities, pupils and colleagues will be involved. Erasmus Days presentations in each school in 10/2020.