P7 - E for ENVIRONMENT (01-03/2022)

  • Preparation of ENVIRONMENT topic before the meeting in Romania. March 23rd is the World Meteorological Day so everyone will be reminded that weather is an integral part of the environment. We will collect data from weather stations and compare the data with other schools, compare statistics about rainfall, hours of sunshine and temperature. The findings will be presented in the mobility in Romania. Because 1st of April is the Day of Birds we will also do "birdwatching" when feeding birds in winter days, taking notes and pictures of the birds, count them and find their names in English, compare with other schools on Twinspace. Then on April 7th during the World Health Day (promoted by The World Health Organisation which was constituted on this day in 1948) we will study in lessons of biology how health is becoming an important issue in the changing environment around us, what to do to protect our health, keep healthy lifestyle and habits - discussion on Twinspace.

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