P4 - V for VEGETATION (04-06/2021)

  • World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April so we will focus on the changing environment around us because health is becoming more and more important (healthy food, lifestyle, exchange of healthy recipes). On 10th April World Atmosphere Day and on 22nd April Earth Day are celebrated and we will draw our attention to the problems being caused to the earth due to modernisation - debate on how to reduce emissions, what to do to improve the situation in each partner town or region. On 24th May European Day of Parks will remind us of our natural heritage and the importance of protecting it. On the third Friday in May we will celebrate Bike-to-Work Day by using bike (or public transport) to get to school. Preparation for VEGETATION topic: Students will take photos from various places travelling during their summer holidays. They will focus on destroyed, endangered spots in the countryside, disappearing woods. The photos will be shared on Twinspace and presented in September in Slovakia.