P2 - Christmas eco cards (12/2020)

  • Preparation of Christmas cards using recycled material, waste clothes, used paper like pages of a book or newspapers or magazines. The Christmas eco cards will be sent to local authorities to promote our project and also to partner schools. A competition will be started with scanned cards published on Twinspace. The best card will be chosen.

    This year 2020 it is difficult to prepare hand-made cards so let´s make some digital ones. You can use some online tools to create them or just draw/paint your own at home and then scan it.

    The best app might be CANVA or PIKTOCHART but you can use any other if you like. When you are ready upload your creation to the materials FOLDER  called "Christmas cards 2020". Then go to the bottom of this page and share your postcard on Twinboard by clicking on ADD button and choosing your image with a short description (use your name in the title)

    Here is an example of a postcard using Canva app where you can use the postcard template including the address side.

    example using CANVA - front side:


    example using CANVA - reverse side:

    example using PIKTOCHART:

  • Christmas cards 2020

    Example 1
    Wiktoria Lademann

    Here is mine try with photocards ;)

    Wiktoria Lademann

    And another one :)

    Vala Vaskova

    made this one just for fun, since we sometimes play Among us together :D

    Vala Vaskova


    Andone Alexandru


    Stefan Sodolescu


    Michal Mrázek


    Soptelea Stefana


    Scripcaru Viviana


    Anca Constantin

    I'm excited for Christmas! Aren't you? I hope you enjoy the image I've drawn for this card:)

    Gabriela Nistor


    Michal Mrázek

    Another one with the view to the small village Morávka in Beskydy mountains❄️

    Michal Mrázek


    Happy Holidays


    Botezatu Anca

    Merry Christmas everyone!Hugs and kisses from Romania! :)

    Cora Rebecca

    Merry christmas!!!


    FROM ROMANIA, Magda Grigoras

    Christmas Card 2020


    Merry Christmas!

    The joy of this holly occasion will surely fill your life with eternal happiness. May the happiness stay with you, forever! Iulia

    Chirilă Cristiana

    Merry Cristmas everyone!!

    Chiriac Marina

    Merry Christmas everyone!! :)

    Ursu Alexandra

    Merry Christmas Everyone!