C4 - mobility in RO (04/2022)

  • 4th - 8th April 2022

    The transnational mobility in Romania created the opportunity for students and teachers to understand different cultures and to become more tolerant in respect of various nationalities. The North of Romania is a region called Bucovina where more nationalities live: Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian with specific language, tradition, music, who work the land and respect the nature. All activities during the meeting in Romania (workshops, discussions with other Romanian students and teachers, discover the representative elements of their culture and traditions, folclore, study of environment in natural and urban area) gave the participants a chance to broaden horizons using the results to open the minds for the knowledge of ecology, preserving the environment, sustainability. At the same time it improved their foreign language and ICT skills, the collaborative social relationships between teachers and students, student-student based on trust, mutual respect, respect for their own and others' work, the spirit of initiative, the ability to work together.

    The general topic was ENVIRONMENT.

    The students developed some activities:

    • analyzed and compared urban and natural environment,
    • discussed the measures necessary to keep clean the nature, to recycle waste materials, to prepare for sustainable employment,
    • participated at workshops in the Romanian partner school, worked at our common dictionary.

    Exchange of information, attitudes, experiences in the project fostered students' love and respect for both local and European problems, issues and goals. The project results or outcomes (mini dictionaries, photo albums and videos, workshop products made from recyclable materials) were uploaded and published in eTwinning platform and were used in lessons.

    The activity during the project meeting were continued by eTwinning platform, for to share information and good examples, to communicate and express own opinion, to upload materials (videos, PPT, photos). This will help students to achieve personal skills and competencies used at school and in future, for their employability and active European citizenship. All materials were used in lessons by students and teachers. The students and teachers from other school could see and use our products. Before the mobility all the project team members worked virtually on Twinspace, shared their findings and knowledge gained at the regular lessons at their schools in classes of biology and chemistry or civics. The aim was to be prepared for the topic of environment which was the theme of the mobility. World Meteorological Day was celebrated at the end of March right before the mobility so we discussed online the different climate types in participating school regions, compared the findings and shared the knowledge on Twinspace. Statistics data were compared regarding the climate change and the rising temperature. It was interesting to share some basic facts about the measures taken by each partner country government to tackle the issue of environment protection and global warming. The calendar which was planned as an online activity to serve as a Christmas gift for 2022 was presented during the mobility as well as other virtual work finished between 10/2021 and 04/2022.

    Direct participants (students and teachers from project team) and indirect participants (other students and teachers from school involved in project) had a big benefit: more information and knowledge, a better attitude about environment protection, better interpersonal communication and English communication, new information about sustainable employment, improving communication in English language, make new friends and better understanding of diversity and multiculturalism, European values and more competences to live together. They had a chance to visit north-east of Romania where they might not have ever been, experience the life and traditions, language and typical cuisine. The school has also a vocational branch so there was the possibility to see their peers prepare for their future careers, the issue of employability was discussed, we could compare the jobs typical for each partner country and talk about the influence of certain jobs on environment (industry, fishing, forestry...).
    Participants benefited from the location of the partner school near Moldova which might become a new member state of EU in the near future - we could discuss the whole process of candidate state to become a member of EU, what it takes, describe the process, talk about advantages and disadvantages of becoming a member state. What was beneficial for the participants was also the cultural and religious experience because Romania is the only partner in our partnership with orthodox church and for example the architecture of the monasteries is so unique.








    Arrival of participants







    Welcome speech: Headmistress Radion Palaghia and the representative of Falticeni City Hall

    Presentation of partners and the Romanian project team

    School presentation – video

    Presentation of the Programme of the student exchange and the teams work

    Presentation - Suceava county, geographical, historical, cultural landmarks – PPT

    Presentation of the research results: ENVIRONEMENT -2 short presentations made by 2 students, from each partner country


    Coffee break


    English games



    15 -17

     Discovering Falticeni

    17 –20

    Free time



    800- 930

    Departure/Route Falticeni – Iași 150 Km


    Visit at the National Teatre “Vasile Alecsandri”


     The University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”- Lost Steps Room (lobby) and the Library


    The Botanic garden




    Moldavia National Museum - Palce of Culture Iași


    Free time in Iași


    Departure to Falticeni - 150 km.




    Departure/Route Falticeni - Moldovita 70 km.


    Visit to Painted Eggs Museum


    Welcome to Gimnazium from Paltinu village



     Romanian traditions: workshops – eggs painting and folk dance

    Nature and tradition.  Discussions


    Travelling in the past, by train, on the narrow railway, built in 1888, to transport the wood, and which was used until 2001.

    Since 2005, Mocanita (the old train) has been reconditioned and it is administered by the Association and it is used for tourist purposes.





    Travelling  to Falticeni 70 km.




    Workshop - making different products from recycled materials or handcrafts made from natural fibres (straw, jute, flax, corn husk): yarns and upholstery, toys


    Coffe break






    Departure/Route Falticeni-Suceava 25 km.


    Visit Bucovina Museum


     Suceava History - The Bucovina Museum and The citadel



    Travel Suceava-Falticeni




    Working at multilingual dictionary and Newsletter



    Evaluate the activity during the whole week  and the project results; Certification



    Folk music and traditions in Moldavia - performance of Romanian students






    Free time





    Photogallery from the mobility is HERE.

    Article in media: read HERE.

    Another article in the local press: read HERE.

    Video from our mobility:

    Video made by PL team:

    Newsletter from the mobility in Romania:

    Questionnaire results:

    1) What was the BEST experience this week for you?

    meeting with kids from the local school
    The shopping center Palase
    the suprise party
    new expiriences, having the sense of community, learning about new culture and tasting delicious traditional food
    On wednesday we visited a school, where were awesome children. It even made me cry how sweet and awesome they were. That is one of the best memories form this mobillity.
    Getting to know the Romanian culture, typical food and the beauty of Romania.
    getting to know the culture, metting the primary school students, spending time with friends, secret party
    Moldavia National Museum - Palace of Culture Iași
    the shopping center
    Iasi trip and our meetings
    meeting Romanian kids in Moldovita(?) and exploring Romanian culture 
    Just my friends 
    The party 
    The visit at school at moldovita 
    The nicest part of this week was meeting new people and visiting the botanical garden, where I learnt a lot about the environment.
    The best experience during this week was when we visited Iasi city.
    The BEST experience this week was that I made new friends.
    Making new friends and spending time with them. 
    I've met wonderful people and I think that's great
    The best experience this week for me was going with Mocanita train 
    The best experience for me was goig with Mocanita.
    My best experience this week was when we went to Iasi and explored the city and it’s most beautiful tourist points.

    What was the WORST experience this week for you?

    being forced to dance at the party noone really wanted to be at
    probably going to multiple museums every day, all the new information kinda got mixed up together and i was very tired and bored after a while. also, altough it was supposed to be a surprise, it wouldve been great to know before hand that there was going to be a party with alot of food. since we ate before that not knowing, we were supposed to go somewhere like that after, i felt very sick.
    canteens food
    the ride there
    I would not say that it is the worst experience, but there too much food. I love food but I dont wanna see mamaliga for at least a year again.
    I kinda didnt like Thursdays programme, I was already so tired and I kinda didnt felt like partying but the rest of the week was awesome.
    never ending museums
    Everything was great
    canteen’s food
    I haven't had a bad experience; in fact, I've solely had positive moments during this week. 
    There wasn't any bad experiences this week.
    The WORST experience this week was the last day when it was time to break up.
    I don't have a worst experience, everything was great. 
    Too little free time
    I didn't have any
    I didn t had a worst experience,I really loved this mobility.
    I didn’t really had a bad experience out of this trip.

    What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?

    being more informed about the programme, often we were not told what is gonna happen next
    maybe more stuff focused on the actual theme of the program, as of now it being the environment. 
    more free time
    more free time to get to know each other
    I would prefer more free time, and leting the romanian guys stay at our hotel.
    More free time to rest, romanian team could have stayed with us more, especially at the hotel. But what i would call the worst experince from this week was the driving part. I dont usually get sick from riding in a bus but the driving was terrible. After all the food I thought i will puke. And I was kinda scared for my life when the driver was overtaking others car in a such speed.
    the exchange should be longer, like 10 days
    It is truly nice of the Romanian people for their hospitality about the food, but way too much.
    focus more on the theme, environment
    maybe some more free time
    More free time to spend with friends 
    To have more free time 
    Sightseeing and party
    In the future I would like to participate in some more challenging activities from a physical point of view.
    During the next meeting I would like having more ice-breaking activities.
    I don't want to do anything in particular because I like to be surprised and right now I don't want to change anything.
    I would like to visit new places, no changes. 
    to have more free time to get to know each other better
    I would change nothing. Everything was perfect! 
    I really don t want to change nothing,everything was very good in my opinion.
    Nothing, the plan for the activities were just perfect.

    What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work in this stage of the project?

    learning new things about different cultures
    meeting people from other countries that i would normally not have a chance to meet.
    getting better in teamwork and being able to travel and discover new things
    The people I have met. I absolutely love them and it was wesome to meet them. Also learning about new culture was really great.
    Getting to know new cultures and visiting places i have never been to.
    realizing how much the environment means, seeing places i would probably never visit on my own
    My presentence. But seriously, my activity and optimism.
    meeting new people and visiting interesting places
    Our meetings
    Studying new things
    I was there 😉
    I participated in the presentation of an activity within the "Green Consumer Day" and to mark this day we focused on buying organic products
    The most attractive thing during my work in this stage of the project is the "Green Consumer Day" presentation.
    I believe that all my work at this stage of the project should be equally appreciated.
    I feel like everything was attractive, I can't choose one single thing. 
    I don t know exactly, all was excenlent
    I think the most attractive thing about my work was the project about the weather in Suceava 
    Meeting new people
    Just being able to see what other schools have to offer and how they manage to save their environment.

    Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.

    perhaps to look more into what the students want to do instead of persuading them to do some stuff and then being mad the students are not having fun 
    focus on the theme a bit more next time and less museums pleeease
    thank you for this opportunity! <3
    It was really great, but not too much about the topic of environment and stuff like that. 
    Thank you
    everything is great
    More comprehesion.
    please do something about the womens bathroom in your school. theres blood everywhere, no toilet paper and it smells really bad.
    Perfect time
    give your students some more freedom 😃
    Little bit more free time for students, more parties 
    You are the best, there is nothing to improve 
    I don't believe the organizers need to do anything better because they performed a great job.
    I don't think there is something that needs to be improved on the project.
    You are the best!!!
    Everything is already amazing. 😊
    I would not change anything significantly, everything was well organized
    I think everything was perfect! 
    Keep up the good work!
    For me the whole program was on point and I don’t see how to actually improve their work.

    Was the meeting well organized? 4,36 /5,00


    Were all objectives of the meeting achieved? 4,64 / 5,00


    Were all the topics from the agenda covered? 4,41 / 5,00


    Did you like the programme of the meeting? Was it interesting for you? 4,45 / 5,00