European Day of Languages 2020

  • Every year we celebrate European Day of Languages. Have a look at the list of animal sounds in our partnership languages. Using the shared Google document add the sounds in your language and compare with others. Have fun!

    To see and hear all animal sounds in English click HERE.

  • Share some songs typical for your country with others. Has any of your favourite singers participated in Eurovision contest?

    Czech group "Lake Malawi" taking part in 2019 Eurovision
    CZ song in Eurovision 2018
    Czech song in Czech language...
    Edyta Górniak i Mieczysław Szcześniak

    'Dumka na dwa serca'. Opole 2015, that song advertised the film: Ogniem i Mieczem.

    Michał Szpak- Polish famous singer

    Eurovision Contest

    Cloe i Donatan

    My Słowianie

    Polish Rap

    Quebonafide feat. Daria Zawiałow - BUBBLETEA (prod. Duit) (Official Video)

    Płonie ognisko w lesie

    Scouts song at the bonfire

    Hrdza - Slovensko moje, otčina moja

    A beautiful Slovak song, which became the opening song for the Slovak film Sviňa.

    Iconito & Zlaté Husle - Slovenské Devy