P9 - Final evaluation (06/2022)

  • On 5th June is the World Environment Day when we will campaign for raising awareness of environmental issues, marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. The project ends in Poland by the Baltic Sea so on 8th June during the World Oceans Day we will talk about plastic pollution, that people should avoid using single-use or disposable materials as they have severe environmental consequences. Lessons on overfishing and marine pollution. The second week in June is the Bike Week so again we will try to use bikes instead of cars. After the last mobility in June 2022 we will ask students for their final evaluation of the whole project, we will focus on dissemination and preparation of final report. Before the summer holiday starts we will celebrate on 21st June the International Climate Change Day (deserts and desertification) and on 22nd June the World Rainforest Day. Both problems will be taught in biology and/or geography lessons.


    Manual of Good Practice - Agnieszka Legęza-dodatkowe informacje.pdf