P3 - A for AIR (01-03/2021)

  • The pupils prepared for the topic of AIR. Each partner school tried to contact local eco activist groups, look for similar projects focused on clean air topic, investigated the issue of clean air, what measures are taken to prevent the air pollution, asked local authorities, found out new information, statistics, surveys. The data were gathered into one shared Google online presentation on Twinspace where all pupils from all schools contributed with their information and findings. The final document was presented by students from different schools during the first mobility in Czechia in September 2021 (originally it was supposed to happen in April 2020 but it was not possible to travel). On 3rd March we celebrated World Wildlife Day, on 18th March the Global Recycling Day and on 21st March the World Forestry Day = planting of trees and highlighting, the urgency to increase the green cover. We tried to plant some trees near the schools and foster them. We visited local animal shelters and donated food for the animals. We compared recycling in partner countries.


    Here is our shared document about AIR.