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  • Here we will share all articles, TV reports etc. about our project:

    There are 2 TV report about our project activities:

    Spot 1

    Spot 2


    An article from local Polish newspaper about our new project as well as about the previous ones:

    Article online in Polish about the visit to Havířov - click HERE.

    Article in Polish about CZ mobility in pdf: https://bit.ly/3uAJVVp

    Article on Czech Regional Authority web about the mobility in CZ:

    Article in local newspaper about our first mobility in CZ:

    Article in Czech local newspaper about Erasmus Days 2021:


    Article in Czech local newspaper about the mobility in Romania - HERE

    Article about the mobilities in Brussels and Poland in Czech local newspaper - HERE.

    Article in Romanian local newspaper is HERE.

    Article in Polish local newspaper:


    Article on SK school web about our second mobility in Slovakia is HERE

    Article in Romanian press about the mobility in Falticeni: HERE https://falticenionline.com/2022/04/05/elevi-si-profesori-din-cehia-si-polonia-prezenti-la-colegiul-tehnic-mihai-bacescu-falticeni-in-cadrul-proiectului-waves/?amp=1


    Article on the web of CZ Regional Authority about our mobility in Romania:

    Article on the web of the Regional Authority about the mobility in Brussels:

    Newspaper article about our last mobility in June 2022: