Earth Day: 22nd April 2021

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  • EARTH DAY 2021

    waste collection in our village

    Last weekend me and my family participate in waste collection in our village connected with earth day. It was horrible what we found and the amount you can see on the picture was not final. After this experience, I hope that such events will be organized more often and we will make a change in our surroundings.

    My journey around Darzlubie.

    We only have one Mother Earth, let's stop for a moment and admire her beauty and appreciate what we have.

    My cycling tour

    The Earth is what we all have in common. Let's work together to make it a better place. Try to use a bike or go for a walk instead of driving a car

    April 22: Earth Day 💚

    Our goal is to protect the natural environment. Let's take care of our planet! Every day should be earth day! 🌱🌍🌤️

    11 May 2021 ''Webinar for sharing, inspiring and calling for change”


    UNESCO is pleased to invite you to the 11 May 2021 Webinar “Celebrate Your Trash Hacks: Webinar for sharing, inspiring and calling for change”, together with the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).
    The online event will take place on 11 May 2021 from 1.30-3.00 pm CET.
    Please be informed that the submission deadline for Trash Hacks is 30 April 2021.

    Don't WASTE it

    Hello everyone , I think that it's important to help our Earth as much as it's possible. We try to do our best not only on the Earth day but almost every weekend in the year 2021. We gather up trash in our wood in Havířov. It's really sad how poeple don't care for the mother nature and they behave worse than animales. #treatitwithkindness

    TREES presentation

    A nice presentation by Val about trees


    A short text about the mountains in our region

    Environmental greening activity

    Sovejanu Mihail-Eduard

    Earth is our home

    Mother Earth is sick and the only way to cure her is taking care of what we do. It's time for us to give something back to her. I hope you will enjoy this video. Make the change, be the change!
    Andone Alexandru-Eduard

    Walk in the forest

    This year on Earth's Day I decided to take a walk in a quite far away forest. The atmosphere is unimaginable and surprisingly calm. I love seeing forests so alive and green.

    Planting flowers with my mother

    This year, on Earth Day, I have planted some flowers with my mother. I recommend everyone to do such activities because you spend quality time with your loved ones and you also help the planet. Let's be the change!
    Soptelea Stefana

    The planet depends on us!

    Earth is one of the most precious gifts we have ever received. We must take care of it and cherish it as it deserves. Over time the Earth has suffered a lot from irresponsible people, but we can change that. Together we can succeed!
    Chirilă Cristiana

    Earth Day

    "Our Earth is special, there is just one.
    It gives us water, soil, and sun.
    People and animals share the land,
    Let's all lend a helping hand!
    You can save water, and plant a tree
    Make a better home for you and me.
    Recycle things, don't throw away.
    Make every day an Earth Day!"-Botezatu Anca

  • What is the best way to help the Earth?
    Stop using cars and walk more, use bikes
    6 votes (31.58%)
    Reuse old things, do not throw away what you can repair
    2 votes (10.53%)
    Recycle more and more
    5 votes (26.32%)
    Avoid using any plastic
    2 votes (10.53%)
    Plant some new trees
    3 votes (15.79%)
    Clean the area around me
    1 vote (5.26%)