LSVC-Learning by Sharing in Virtual Cafes

The project basically intends to raise students general knowledge and enhance their practical skills on various school subjects with a project based approach by unearthing their potentials and helping them empower their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Virtual Meetings

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                                                About the Task

 Suggested Tools


During the project we are going to organize online meetings to promote the communication and cooperation among the partner schools.We will organize a schedule for the meetings.

Twinspace Chat-Room


Doodle  (Planning the dates and days for the online meetings)





Skype Meeting Between Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu and Hovseter Skole



Webex Meeting

Between Escola Sagrada Famila (Spain) and Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu (Turkey)


 This  is the online meeting between Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu and 4th Junior high school of Volos


 This is the online meeting

between Hovseter Skole,Oslo and Zespol Szkol w Korczyna Gimnazjum ,Korczyna,



                              Video Conference Between Norwegian Team and  Polish Team 


Online Meeting (Via Webex) Between Turkish and Polish Team


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