Cafe History

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    "The more you know about the past,the better prepared you are for the future"

                                                                                     Theodore Roosevelt-The US President-




    About the Tasks



    Task 1

    Choose a historical figure from the history of your country and Europe or  the world and upload it his/her picture to your team padlet and then  present your  historical figure.Try to be  creative and imaginative.



    Task 2

    Feel free to post videos about the history of Europe and your own country.


    Task 3

    Present your historical figure through voicethread and upload it to Twinspace.



    Task 4

    For teachers:Preapare an e book for the historical figures presented by the members of transnational teams.,


    Task 5

    Leave your comment about the activities of Cafe History on padlet and also take the quiz for Cafe History and then uplaod your certificate to  Materials.




    Subject Curricula

       in the Project Schools

    •  Social Studies
    •  English
    •  Computer

    The Aim of the Activities in

    Cafe History

    • To raise the students' general knowledge about their own history and of the other countries and arouse  thier interest  towards history.
    • To help increase their general knowledge about  famous historians.
    • Help them respect the history of the others.
    • Help improve their English and ICT skills.
    • To develop  their sense international team-work,cooperation and communication



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    Feel free to post videos about the history of Europe and your own country