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    "Numbers have life; they're not just symbols on paper. "

                                     Shakuntala Devi (Indian Writer)



    About the Tasks

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    Task 1

    Post about the famous mathematicians.



    Task 2

    Maths Questions from the Maths teachers:Maths teachers from the project school will suggest a math question.We will publish it on a padlet and students will try to solve the questions.

     The whole month

    Task 3

     Play online games or take online quizzes.

    The whole month

    Task 4

    Funny Maths Poems-(Fibonacci Poems): Students will write poems about Math.They  can also try to write poems in Fibonacci style.


    Task 5

    Real Life Math Explorers:Students will  take their camera or smartphones with them and  try to SEE the maths-gemoetry in their classroom,school and city,historical buildings, and even in vegetables and fruits poetry ...etc.After that, a joint presentation will be preapared by the teachers. 






    Subject Curricula

       in the Project Schools

    • Mathematics-English Computer


                      Aim of the Activities

                          in Cafe Maths

    • To learn about the famous Mathematicians.
    • To help understand the importance of Maths in their life.
    • To help them have positive attitude towards Maths. 
    • Help them improve their English and  ICT skills.
    • To develop  their  sense teamwork,cooperation and communication.



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    Play online games or take online quizzes.



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