Short Evaluation of CA


      About the Task

    In this part, you can find  short evalautions about  the activities to have been carried out in Cafe Art and ,students’ participation in the activities ..etc.




    Anna Catharina Campman

    Hovseter skole Oslo-Norway


    Almost all of the students contributed to the activities of Cafe Art. First of all they posted some lines about famous artists on a padlet. Then they worked on a joint painting consisting of various famous art works, documenting the progress along the way, and sending it to the next country. The national teams also wrote a short story about the painting they were assigned, and made paintings come to life by modelling and using artefacts (two paintings per country). 


    Anna Wasko

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gimnazjum (Korczyna, Poland)

    Many students posted information about a famous artist. The students made a great Joint Painting (the mixture  one of the famous paintings of leading artists from each country). Each team  drew a  single  art work and then posted it to other school.Each step of the team performance was photographed.In the meantime each country chose a famous painting  and uplaoded it to Twinspace.School  teams  wrote a  single story to each painting.To come from the Painting to Reality students from each school team posed like in two famous paintings. All the art works were brought together in an ebook entitled LSVC Art Book which shows the final results of the Cafe Art.