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    In this page,we are going to share some celebrations the LSVC teams have and some funny videos and some links for the students so that they can click on them and play and enjoy.

    We create an ebook for the dates of birth of all the involved students in the project.We are going to celebrate the birthdays of the students ,prepare an birthday card and publish them on project journal and also share here in this page.



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     A Picture from eTwinning Day Celebration on 9th May 2016 -Turkish Team


    Norwegian Team



    All LSVC Teams in Norway,Poland,Spain,Greece and Turkey are working very hard and as Turkish team we wanted to have a small celebration with an eTwinning Cake and also invited our headmaster and the assistant managers.Congrats to all who make this project great!









    This is the  book for the dates of the birth of the Twinners in this project:You can just check those dates to celebrate the birthday of other eTwinners in your school and in other partner  schools.


                                                                     E BOOK FOR DATES OF BIRTH













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