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The project basically intends to raise students general knowledge and enhance their practical skills on various school subjects with a project based approach by unearthing their potentials and helping them empower their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Cafe Europe


        Cafe Europe

                      United in Diversity





About the Tasks

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Task 1

a)Post at least a single video or a picture about Europe/EU and your own country as well.

b)Create a poster about Europe or EU  and Active European Citizenship

2nd November

9th November

Task 2

Explore about Europe,play online games or take online quizzes.

The whole month

Task 3

 -Write a single line to create a common Europe song of your team(Go to TS Forum Page)

-Make a single joint melody for your common European song of your team.

-Mentor teachers for each transnational teams are supposed to create their own thread for their team names and lines for the  European song.



9th November

21st November 

Task 4

Create a mindmap about a certeain topic to be given you.Collaborate with your team members.Students from Turkish team will be responsible  for inviting their own team members to create their online collaborative mindmap.

21st  November

30th November

Task 5

Take the Quiz Cafe Europe and test your knowledge and uplaod your certificate to Materials in Twinspace.Go to Feedback page and make your comment about what you have learned on Cafe Europe.Also write your comments on the padlet we will create.

30th November

7th December




Subject Curricula

   in the Project Schools

  •  Social Studies
  •  English
  •  Computer

             Aim of the Activities in

Cafe Europe

  • To raise the awareness  of students about Europe-EU and Citizenship
  • To help  strenghten their sense  of European
  • Help them understand the importance of diveristy in Europe
  • Help improve their English and ICT skills
  • Fostering the sense team work,cooperation and communication



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      You can post songs,poems,videos,slogans about Europe and EU






                        These posters were  created by Selin Gökşen Semiz by Turkish Team




                            This is the poster of Gamze Bıyık -Turkey



                                      Posters  Created by the the Norwegian Team About Europe




 European Poster from Anna Janik and İzabella Nowicka from Polish Team

                                  Gamze Bıyık's Posters From Turkish Team



 European Poster by Violetta Antonopoulou-from Greek  Team 

                                 A Poster by Nisanur Kurt -Turkish Team


                                     More posters  by Norwegian Team






Posters by Spanish Team





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Dear  LSVC students,

Please click those following links to explore more about Europe,play online games and take online quizes.You can just check  the following link to explore more about Europe and EU.



                                                                    Did you know?


Euroepan Union Citizenship was introduced  by the Maastricht Treaty.It was signed in 1992. 

European citizens  have the following rights:

 -They vote for  EU and municipal  elections.

-They have right to free movement.

-They have rights to access to European government.

-They have language rights.




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