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The project basically intends to raise students general knowledge and enhance their practical skills on various school subjects with a project based approach by unearthing their potentials and helping them empower their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Our Schools and Hometowns

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Make the presentation of your school  and hometown. You can also record videos about your school or hometown.


19th October 2015


    This video about Volos was made by Rafaela Kaloforidi

          Zespół Szkół w Korczynie – Gimnazjum  Korczyna,Poland





         Zespół Szkół w Korczynie – Gimnazjum  Korczyna,Poland


                                   Tokat -Turkey

                         Hovseter skole and Oslo (Hannah, Linn)

         Our school and hometown in Oslo (Ane, Matilde, Samuel)

                              This is Oslo (Paula and Kjersti)

          Oslo - by Hanna and Sara from Norwegian Team


                       Escola Sagrada Familia-Barcelona-Spain



 Presentation about Zile by Nisanur Kurt,Yeşim Aykan and  Beğüm Kağızman


 Presentations about Zile by Selin Gökçen Semiz and Gamze Bıyık

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                                                           Presentation by İkbal Hekimhan from Turkish Team

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            Presentation by Betül Bacanak -Turkish Team

         Presentation by Betül,Halenur and Frauk-Turkish Team

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