Short Evaluation of CL



    About the Task

    In this part, you can find  short evalautions about  the activities to have been carried out in Cafe Literature and the students’ participation in the activities ..etc.



                                                                               Anna Catharina Campman

    Hovseter skole Oslo-Norway

    Almost all the students contributed to the activities of Cafe Literature. Firstly the students posted their favourite poem on a padlet, then they expressed a wish regarding a book or story they had read. In the next activity the project countries were each given a stanza of the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Alan Poe, which they had to recite, some of the teams played music in the background. Then they did the same with a poem of their own country, read in the native language.

    In addition the students collected information on famous authors and poets, using the Forum page. Feedback on the activities was posted using AnswerGarden. The corresponding quiz was taken by the majority of the students, the results of which show that the activities reached their aim.


    Anna Wasko

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gimnazjum (Korczyna, Poland

    A lot of students posted their favourite poet’s famous poems along with reading performances of the poemson the padlet, the students made wishesabout a novel, a story, a poem or a dramathey have read.These were different wishes about the book's virtual world mixed with their real world. A great fun was a common reading  the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.Each stanza was read by a single team and the recordings were brought together in a single video.Some students played background music while the others were reading. Later students chose a poem from their own literature and recorded reading it in their own language.Some made underground music as well.

    Finally the Anthology for Poets and  Writers was prepared. The schools teams suggested poets or writers from their country's and world literature  along with some basic information about those figures and their famous works. They wrote on Forum and then a part of the stuff was placed in an ebook titled Poets Anthology. This time the students used AnswerGarden to give their instant feedback about the activities of Cafe Language and took the quiz of the Anthlogy. Again the feedback was very positive and the aims seemed to be reached.