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    You can find information about the project,its aim work process and expected results and project schools as well as the holiday times  in the project schools. 

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    The involved students present themselves through  different tools such as padlet ,linoit,voki.

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    Students present their schools and hometowns through the videos,and tools  such as emaze and prezi.

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    We will form 10 different  international teams for all the involved students in  Turkey,Norway,Spain,Greece and Poland.And  each  teacher will act as the mentor teacher for two international teams.Throughout the project those teams will collaborate to cary out various tasks  to be given them in the virtual cafes.The mentor  teachers will create a forumpage for their teams so that the team members  suggest a name for their transnational team.

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    Students create their own logos and logo contect is organized in each project school and then the best logo is chosen which will represent our project LSVC.







    It will be the first virtual cafe.The transnational teams will be given various tasks to carry out under the supervision of their mentor tecahers.They will present themselves to their team-mates via padlets.They will also post videos or pictures about Europe and EU via another padlet.They will create a  poster  for Europe and EU  and Active EU Citizenship.We will share some useful links on the page so that the twinners could explore more about Europe,play and take online quizzes.We will create a thread  on Forumpage and every student will write a single line to create a common European song for their own team.After they write their lines,their mentor teacher will arrange all the lines and make a poster and then the  twinners in each transnational team will make a joint melody for the jointly created European song through noteflight

    We will give one topic to each transnational team so that they can cretae their own collaborative mind-map through Twinners from mindmeister.Twinners from Turkish team will be responsible for inviting their own team members to cretae their own collaborative mindmaps.Finally,we will create a padlet to get the feedback of the students and prepare an online quiz through proprofs  so that the LSVC twinners can test what they have learned in Cafe Europe.After they take the quiz through proprofs  they will get their certificate and we will collect all the certificates in an e book.





    It is the second virtual cafe.Mentor teachers will create a padlet for their own teams.Students  in each transnational team will chose a historical figure from the history of their country,Europe, or the world  and collect some basic information about them and  upload their pictures to their team padlet and present their historical figures creatively.

    Later, they will present their historical figures by recording their voice though  voicethread and upload ther work to Twinspace.They will also post videos about the history of their own country and Europe and watch those vidoes to raise their knowledge  and awareness about history of their counrty and other countries.

    We will prepare an e book for the historical figures  presented by the students of transnational teams.Finally the students will take the quiz via  proprofs for Cafe History and then upload their certificate to Twinspace.We will bring together all the student certificates in an e book.





    It will be the third virtual Cafe where we will collaborate.Students will focus on the wolrd of literature,poets and writers.We will create a padlet  so that all the students can post about their  famous poems  and  their  favourite poets as well as reading performances of the poems.

    We will create another padlet.So the students will write their wish about the literary works-about the world of the books- they have already read.Also, they will be able to make a wish about past,today and future about the books' world.

    Another task will be reading  the poem "Annabel Lee" by American poet Edgar Allan Poe.Each stanza will be read by a single team and  other students may play background music.Later,we will make a single video    tinglink- for all the performances of the school teams.Then they will read a poem in  their  own  langugaes.

    The schools teams will work on Forumpage on Twinspace and suggest poets or writers from their country's and world literature  and collect some basic information about them and their famious works.Later,we will collect all the information in an e book as title of Anthology for Poets and Authors through joomag and upload it to Cafe Literature.




    We will work in Cafe language.Students will write about every disturbing thing happens in our world  and express their opinion with one two lines and draw it and then we will collect their work in an ebook titled”Write for the World.”

    Transnational teams will collaboarte on creating joint stories.It will be a collaborative work for the transnational teams.Each team will write a story and draw their story and finally the mentor teachers will arrange the story of their teams and an e book will be created for the short stories.All the  stories will be also vocalised by one of the team members.Finally we will create 10 short story books and as well as their vocalised versions.

    Stories to be written by the transnational teams:

    King Harald Team: Life in Ancient Egypt,the Pyramids.

    Fryderck Chopin Team: Back to  Dinasour’s Age

    Antony Gaudi Team: Digital School

    Yunus Emre Team: Travel through Dreamlands “Far Far Away”

    Picasso Team:Life in Planet Posedion

    Marie Curie Team: After 134 Years –Year 2150

    Socrates Team: Joining the first Olympiad in ancient Greece

    Edvard Munch Team: Flying Trojan Horse

    Alexander the Great Team: 1912-Travelling By Titanic

    Oktay Sinanoğlu Team:In a Desolate  Island



    It will be our fifth virtual cafe.At first student will research and post some  basic information  about the famous mathematicians.In the second task, they will act as the Real Life Math Explorers:Students will  take their camera or smartphones with them and  try to see the maths-gemoetry in their classroom,school and city,historical buildings, and even in vegetables and fruits, ...etc.After that,we will bring together all those works in a joint presentation. 

    The students will write poems about Math.They will  also try to write poems in Fibonacci style.We wiill create an ebook for the poems.-Maths Poems Book-

    Maths Questions from the Maths teachers:Maths teachers from the project school will suggest a math question.We will publish it on a padlet and students will try to solve the questions.

    We will put some links about Math so that the students can play the Maths games or take the quizzes and give their feedback on the padlet to be created.




    It will be the last virtual cafe of the project.First we will create an intercative wall so that all the students post some basic information  about the famous artists.Then they will study on a joint painting. (one of the famous paintings of leading artists will be brought together on a joint paper.So we will create a joint painting.)Students from each school team will draw a single art work and then post it to other school in other project country.This will be continued until each team completes its own part.Also every step of the team performances will be photographed.

    Task of distribution among the partner schools

    Turkish Team:Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali,Spanish Painter)

    Greek Team:Portrait (Nuri  İyem,Turkish Painter)

    Spanish Team: Stanczyk( Jan Matejko,Polish Painter)

    Polish Team: The Girls on the  Bridge -Edvard Munch,Norwegian Painter

    Norwegian Team :Georgios Jakobides –Children’s Concert,Greek Painter


    Painting  Comes into Life in  Writing:Each country will choose a famous painting  and uplaod it to Twinspace.School  teams  will  work on 5 famous paintings by writing a  single story to each painting.They will try to be creative.In total,we will create 25 creative short stories.

    1. Stanczyk- Jan Matejko---Polish Painter

    2.Girls on the Bridge---Edvard Munch

    3. Children’s Concert ---Georgios Jakobides - Greek Painter

    4. Göreme,Pigeon and the Women ---Nuri İyem-Turkish Painter

    5.The Persistence of Memory--- Salvador Dali-Spanish Painter

    From Painting to Reality :In this task,students from each school team will portray with

    famous paintings.

    Turkish Team:      a)Children’s Concert   (George Jakobides –Greek Painter)

                                  b)The Milkmaid---Johannes Vermeer---Dutch Painter

    Norwegian Team: a)Göreme,Pigeon and the Women---Nuri İyem -Turkish Painter

                                   b)Girl With a Pearl Earing---Johannes Vermeer ---Dutch Painter

    Spanish Team:   a)The Flower Seller --- Georgios Jakobides---Greek Painter

                                  b)Pomegranestes and Quinces--- Şeker Ahmet Pasha -Turkish Painter

    Greek Team:       a)The Old Gitarist---Picasso--- Spanish

                                 b) Stanczyk---Jan Matejko---Polish Painter

    Polish Team:      a)The Sick Child---Edvard Munch---Norwegian Pianter

                                b)American Gothic---Grant Wood ---American Pianter





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    We will try to share someting fun in this part.We will collect the dates of birth of all the students and on their brithday,we will create birthday cards for them to celebrate their birthday.We will publish the birthday cards on project journal regularly and alsoshare them on the Fun Corner.


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    This part includes the online meetings between the project schools.

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    Through the project every month,we are going to choose the eTwinner of the month.One twinner from the each school.Totally we are going to have 5 t-winners and publish on our Twinspace.The coordinator teachers from every partner school is supposed to chose the etwinner of the month by taking account the criteria we determine each month.By doing this we would like to motivate the students in the project schools to make them more involved in the project.

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    This part  includes the activity of exchanging cards between the LSVC schools


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    The project also includes a project website to disseminate the project results with greater audience.

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    In this part, we will publish the interviews which we will be having through the project period to get involved the school administrators and other subject teachers into our project.The involved eTwinners in every school will have face to face interviews with them.Also we will make interviews with the local authorities and organize parental meetings and prepare an etwinning board to share the project results regularly  to make it visible in the school.


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    At the end of the project,we will organize project exhibitions to share all the results of the project to raise awereness of the eTwinning and reveal what an eTwinning project can success in school education.The exhibitons will address the whole school community,parents and others in local society.


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    We will share all the websites or tools that we used during the project lifetime.


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    In this part,we will evalaute the tasks to be done during the project.


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    We will create an interactive wall and invite our colleagues from different schools in Europe to get their comments about our project.It will be an evalaution of the project activities by the third parties and also as a dissemination activity.


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    We will get the final feedback of the involved students (teachers) with different tools such as final questionnaires,interviews and interactive walls (padlets) and publish the results in this  part.We will also evaluate the responses of the students in the final project survey.


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    We will prepare a final book and final videos which will include all the results of our project.It will be as the summary of the project year.