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    In this task,the school teams is going to create their own logos.Each school will vote their own best logo.After that the best logos of each school will be uploaded to Twinspace and then they will be voted by the transnational teams.The best one  will represent our project.      

    22nd  October



    Picture Captions

      Volos team Logos-Greece


       Wiktoria Mikulska's Logo from Poland




          Damian Barut's Logo From Polish Team


         Fatma Betül Kalem's Logo from Turkey



             Logos From the Spanish Team





    Izabela Nowicka's Logo from Poland


           İclal Demirtaş' Logos from Turkish Team




              Hüseyin Aydoğdu"s logo from Turkey


              This is Burak Sayış's logo from Turkish Team




                      Kjersti from Norway


                 Hannah and Deborah from Norway:


               Samuel and Matilde from Norway


    Elena from Norway:

                             Sara from Norway:


    Paine from Norway:


    Amanda and Johanne from Norway:


    Hanna from Norway:


    Leah from Norway:


    Ceren Ezgi Doğan's Logo from Turkey

    Betül Bacanak's Logo from Turkey

    Beyza Ören's Logo from Turkey

    Merve's and Ceren's Logo fromTurkish Team


                      All the Norwegian Logos

                           All the Turkish Logos
     Spanish and Turkish Logo Suggestions For Voting


     Norwegian,Greek and Polish Logo Suggestions For Voting


    Greek Team is Voting the Best Logo


    Turkish Team Voting the Best Logo


    Spanish Team is Voting the Best Logo


                                                                      Picture Captions