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      About the Task

    During the project we are going to disseminate the project to all the school community,other schools,parents and local authority.Our aim is to make the project visible at the school and motivate other teachers or students to get involved such European cooperations.We also intend to raise awareness of  parents,other schools and local authority about eTwinning.

    To do this,we are going to  use various channels such as interviews with school authorities or other  subject teachers eTwinning corners at school,school official webpages,news on local newspapers,interviews with local authorities and share the news in this page.



    Glitter Words

    An Interview with the headmaster of Zespol  Szkol w Korczynie-Gimnazjum-Korczyna-Poland


    This is an interview with Kathrine Berg, assistant principal, Hovseter Skole, Oslo


                                 This is an interview with the headmaster Mr Varnavas from Greek school

                                                    4th Junior High School of Volos


                                                           Interviews from Escola Sagrada Familia

                              Interview to Yolanda, Primary school teacher at SAFA Barcelona



                                                   Interview to Julia, Arts teacher at SAFA Barcelona



                        Interview with Núria Domenech, music, scratch and french teacher from SAFA school

    Interview with Bernat Murcia, psychologist from SAFA school (Spain)

    Another Interview with Bernat Murcia, psychologist from SAFA school (Spain)


       Interview With Şamil Akıncı,the headmaster of Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu

           Prepared by the twinners Zeynep Özcan and Özlem İsak

                                                            (Please click for English subtitle)


    An Interview with Aylin Silahlı Fırtına,Social Science Teacher 

    Betül Bacanak and Ceren Ezgi Doğan from Turkish Team

    (Please click for English subtitle)



    Glitter Words



    Zespol Szkol w Korczynie Gimnazjum -Korczyna

    eTwinning School Board


     Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu -Zile-Turkey

    eTwinning Corner

    eTwinning Corner--- Escola Sagrada Famillia,Barcelona,Spain


    E-Twinning corner-- Hovseter skole, Oslo, Norway


                                     Glitter Words

     This is the link of eTwinning Blog in Sagrada Familia Barcelona



    Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gmnazjum (Korczyna, Poland)





                                                   Glitter Words

            eTwinning Parental Meeting in Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu Turkey.We presented our project to the parents.Our headmaster  and some of the twinners were available  in the meeting and made small presentations about eTwinning and LSVC.








                                   Glitter Words


    Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu /Turkey

    We visited Zile District Governor  ErdoğanTuran ERMİŞ with our headmaster and with five

    students and presented our project LSVC  and eTwinning.


    Tokat,Zile District Mayor Erdoğan Turan ERMİŞ  and Fazıl DUYMAZ,Zile District  Branch Manager of National Education,visited our eTwinning class.We made  the presentation of our project,LSVC.



           Turkish LSVC team visited Lütfi VİDİNEL,the Mayor of Zile Municipality with our headmaster Şamil AKINCI and five twinners and presented our eTwinning project LSVC and the involved twinners made an interview.





    Four eTwinners from Turkish LSVC team visited Murat KÜÇÜKALİ,Zile District Director of National Education and presented our eTwinning project LSVC.



                                                                         Glitter Words





    Our Project,LSVC is on the Website of Tokat,Zile District Governorship








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                        Our eTwinning Project Exhibition in on Local Newspaper