Short Evaluation of CL


    About the Task

    In this part, you can find short evalautions about  the activities to have been carried out in Cafe Language and the students’ participation in the activities ..etc.



    Anna Catharina Campman

    Hovseter skole Oslo-Norway

    Most of the students participated in the Cafe Language activities.  First of all they wrote and designed slogans and short personal opinions about things and situations that they find important. Then the transnational groups wrote a joint story about a given topic, and added drawings. The joint stories were presented in e-books and recorded. After the activities almost all the students worked with the quiz, the scores show that also these activities reached their aim. 


    Anna Wasko

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gimnazjum (Korczyna, Poland)

    Many students drew a picture and expressed their opinion about the things that happen in the world. Then their works were collected in an ebook named ”Write for the World.”Next the transnational teamsworked together and wroteshort passages of a story and drewpictures connected with it. The mentor teacherof each team arranged the story of their team and next ebookswere created. Some storieswere also vocalised by members of the team. We got a positive feedback after presenting these recordings in project Journal.