Short Evaluation of CH


    About the Task

    In this part, you can find short evalautions about  the activities to have been carried out in Cafe History and the students’ participation in the activities ..etc.


    Anna Wasko

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gimnazjum (Korczyna, Poland

    Quite many of the students took part in the activitieas of Cafe History. They chose a historical figure country, Europe or  the world and uploaded thefigure’s picture with short presentation to their team padlet. Next an e book for the historical figures presented by the members of transnational teams, was created.

    Using voicethread, a lot of pupilsrecorded their voice presenting their historical figureand they upload it to Twinspace. Also some videos about the history of Europe and our own countries were posted. After the Cafe History activities majority of the students took the online quiz and posted their comments which were very positive. This evaluation shows that the goals dealing with history were achieved.


    Anna Catharina Campman

    Hovseter skole Oslo-Norway


    The majority of the students worked with the History activities. They posted information about a national and international historical figure on padlets, some posted short videos. Then they presented their historical persons using voicethread. The students posted comments about the acitivities on a padlet.

    After finishing the tasks most of the students tested their knowledge by answering the quiz questions. The results confirm that the goal of the activities of this cafe was reached.