LSVC-Learning by Sharing in Virtual Cafes

The project basically intends to raise students general knowledge and enhance their practical skills on various school subjects with a project based approach by unearthing their potentials and helping them empower their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Who are we?

                                                          Glitter Words



About the Task

Suggested  Tools




 Please make a short presentation about yourself  by using the suggested tools.            

12th October 2015






                                                                                 Turkish LSVC Team


            Norwegian LSVC Team  


                                                                                    Polish LSVC Team         


                                                                                Greek LSVC Team

                                                                                  Spanish LSVC Team     





  Here is your wall  -Padlet-  to present yourself


Present Yourself on Linoit

Present Yourself

                                Norwegian Twinners Presentation


               Turkish Twinners Presentations



                       Burak Sayış' Presentation


                       Fatma Betül's Presentation 









       Links for Spanish Team Vokies





Author: Ünsal Saper
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