From Paintings to Life


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              From Painting to Life

                  Students in each school team portray with famous paintings       


                                       Turkish Team

                                                            Children's Concert by Georgious Jakobides

     Inspired  by the Painting  "Children's Concert " of Greek Painter Georgious Jakobides.

                       Inspired by  the painting "The Milkmaid" of Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer 


                                         Greek Team

     Inspired by the painting The Old Gitarist of Spanish Painter Pablo Picasso

    Inspired by the painting  "Stanczyk"  of  Polish Pianter Jan Matejko














          Norwegian Team

       Inspired by the painting "Girl With a Pearl Earing of Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer



    Inspired by the Painting"Göreme,Pigeon and Women" by Turkish painter Nuri İyem



                                      Spanish Team

                  Inspired by the painting "Flower Seller "of Greek Painter Georgious Jakobides 










             Inspired from the Painting "Pomegranates and Quinces" of  Turkish painter Şeker Ahmet Paşa


                                      Polish Team

    Inspired by the painting "The Sick Child "of Norwegian Painter Edvard Munch


                Inspired by the painting "American Gothic" of American painter Grant Wood