Cafe Language



           "The  limits of my language is the limits of my world."  

                                            (Austrian-British philosopher



                                             About the Task



    Task 1

    Students will write about various things that happen in the world  and express their opinion with one two lines and draw it and then we will collect their work in an ebook named ”Write for the World.”




    Task 2

    It will be a collaborative work for the transnational teams.Each team will write a story and draw their story and finally the mentor teachers will arrange the story of their team and an e book will be created for the story.The story will be also vocalised by the team members.

     King Harald Team: Life in Ancient Egypt,the Pyramids.

    Fryderck Chopin Team: Back to  Dinasour’s Age

    Antony Gaudi Team: Digital School

    Yunus Emre Team: Travel through Dreamlands “Far Far Away”

    Picasso Team:Life in the Planet Posedion

    Marie Curie Team: After 134 Years –Year 2150

    Socrates Team: Joining the first olympic games  in ancient Greece

    Edvard Munch Team: Flying Trojan Horse

    Alexander the Great Team: 1912-Travelling By Titanic

    Oktay Sinanoğlu Team:In a desolate  island






    Subject Curricula

       in the Project Schools

    •  Mother Tongue (Turkish-Norwegian-Spanish-Polish-Greek)
    •  English
    •  Computer

                   Aim of the Activities in

    Cafe Language

    • To help develop the writing skills of the students in foreign language.
    • To foster  their imagination through the joint short stories.
    • Help the students improve their ICT skills.
    • To develop  their  sense teamwork,cooperation and communication.