Painting Comes into Life in Writing


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          School teams are writing a short creative and imaginative  story for each of the following paintings.

                                                      1)Story for Stanczyk of Jan Matejko



    Turkish Part:A letter has just arrived.I feel very  sad.I feel as if I have been paralyzed.I wish to remain here like this as a painting hung on a wall.There are really bad news.On the letter it is written that Poland has lost Somelenks.Now nobody is aware of this  bad news.The members of royal family are dancing in the next hall.They are  enjoying themselves.They will probably hear the news  soon and be shocked.

    I am a jester and  entertain the people in the court.I make funny things and say witty words.But now I am very serious in this very red costume.It is really strange,isnt it?The royal family is having fun without their jester and now I have fallen in a deep sorrow  in the middle of a big entertainment as a court entertrainer.

    It is night.My room is dark and the night is dark but full of endless stars.A comet is falling through the sky.I should make a wish: My wish is that Poland should be happy and powerful country forever.


    Spanish Part:Once upon a time was a jester, his name was Stanczyk. He was a jester because he is poor. Every day the jester dress all very red. He mess around doing laugh the people, but the people don't laugh. He quit the country and he start a new life. One day he quit to the  square and he go laugh the people, but they don't laugh. But one little girl laugh and then Stanczyk thrill, because  he can do laugh a person. 

    At a later time, decide go to square and try again, then people start laugh and he was very happy. He get blessing for himself for buy toys to do laugh the children, like a fluffy toy. At the end he is famous and popular in the village.


    Norwegian Part:

    The juggler

    “This is the last time I will give in to the prince,” he told the king. “I know I am not the most respected here, but I am your oldest and only friend.” “Stanczyck, I know he is arrogant and rude, but he is my only son, and your future king.  My time will soon come to an end, and there is no one but him that is capable of taking over for me,” the king boomed. “Sire, I am well aware of his position in the court, and what he means to our people, but I demand being respected, even by that little git!” The king pushed himself out of his chair, staring angrily at Stanczyck. “You do not call my son a bastard! No one disrespects me or my bloodline. You will leave now, and return when you are ready to apologize!” Stanczyck tried to think of a good reply, but in his anger all he could say was: “Good luck finding a new jester for tonight, especially when they all came to see me.” “You will perform tonight Stanczyck” the king said with a voice so cool every guard in the room froze in fear. But the jester did not back down. “Honor thy king Stanczyck,” the king finished. “Whatever you say milord,” the jester hissed and walked out of the room.

    Later that night Stanczyck performed for all the foreign nobles that visited the king yearly. After he was done, he bowed for applause and started to collect his equipment. He looked up and saw the prince walk toward him. “Stanczyck! What a great show you performed for us tonight!” The prince´s high voice drew attention, people started to look his way. “But clearly I have seen you do better. Like that time you fell in the piggy dam!” Stanczyck tried to keep his anger. “That was not a performance your Highness. I slipped and fell, and I think you know that. You were there” he said between gritted teeth. “Whatever Stanczyck, it was way more fun than what you usually do.” The prince spun around on his heels and confronted the audience that had gathered. “Who thinks that the jester should give us some more entertainment?” He smiled like a true jerk, and the crowd applauded wildly. He flicked and a servant appeared with a ridiculous costume. “Here Stanczyck! You will look way more entertaining wearing this.” Stanczyck looked horrified at the costume. “I am sorry, my liege, but I will not perform in that costume. I will look like an idiot.” The prince quit the smile and leaned in close to Stanczyck. “Did you miss my point? Put on this costume or someone will get really sorry.” Stanczyck did not approve, but could not see a way out of it. He went out of the prince way and grabbed the ridiculous outfit.

    Stanczyck did not want to think of what would happen next. It was too embarrassing. The prince had made him do so many stupid things and Stanczyck became angrier for every second. But after some minutes he had got enough of the prince`s folly. He threw the stupid hat in his face and marched off in anger. Now he was sitting in his chair, trying to calm down. I am going to lose my job, but before I do, I am going to get rid of him, he thought to himself while staring at all the red fabric around him.


    Polish Part: Stanczyk was desperate. He couldn’t put up with all that situation He was sitting and sitting in a big armchair. He knew that  the others were happy and they were talking and dancing in the ballroom. Stanczyk lowered his head and plunged in his thoughts. What now? Perhaps he could apologize for his behavior. But would he be able to? And what about the prince – would he forgive him? Maybe – just to show how great-hearted he was. And maybe the king would stand up for me. He is so sad sometimes, he worries about the future of his family and the future of Poland. If not me who could dispel all those dark clouds over his head. He is a good man…But No! No! I can’t stand all that humiliation any longer. I have to do something. I will leave the court, I will leave the castle, I will leave the king and his despotic son. He won’t bring any good to the country. I have to leave Poland. It will be so hard but there is no other way. I hear that there is a land far, far away – you have to travel by ship for many weeks but you can start a completely new life there. I have to talk to Teodor Osten. He was in Spain by the huge sea, he heard some stories. Well, I need money but I have some gold buried near my parent’s house – just for a rainy day. I’m afraid it came.

    Greek Part: How could he make the king see his point of view? How could he show everyone that he was capable of so many things besides making people laugh? Stanczyk was desperate. After 15 years in the court of the king, he was sick and tired of his job. Everyone could see that he wasn't as good as he was 5 or 10 years ago. He was starting to lose his sense of humour. He felt so useless most of the times. All the other men would accompany the king to the battlefield, they were soldiers, brave men and what was he? A juggler who always stayed behind trying to make the queen and the young princess laugh. 

    He used to spend hours in his room, sitting melancholically all by himself in his red costume which he found so ridiculous, trying to find meaning in his job. He was ready for the next step in his life. He had always wanted to leave the court and join the other actors who put on plays and travelled all around the country. And now the time had come...

                                                          2)Story for  "Girls on the Bridge " by Edvard Munch



    Turkish PartIt was Autumn.The sun was getting down.It was small and far away.I and my two sisters had decided to have a walk in the town as we did too often.We usually walked together in the afternoons in the city and especially on the bridge.

    First we walked around the ancient pier and watched the ships and then as usuall we walked through the bridge.It was our favourite destination in the town.Especially at the sunset,the scenery was terrific for us.Also you could be  enchanted by the smell of the limes trees just at the right of the bridge.

    We would visit the bridge too often and stand there to watch around too often.In time people began to call the bridge as the "Girls on the Bridge." They were thinking as if we were as the three girls in a famous painting of Edvard Munch.


    Norwegian Part:

    Three young girls are standing on a bridge across the Oslo fjord. The summer in Norway is very short, so the girls are enjoying it. The three girls live in completely different places in the country, therefore they only meet in the summer holidays.

    They use their time together on their secret bridge, talking about everything. When they meet in the summer they have a lot to talk about. They have known each other for several years. Every time they meet in the summer it seems like they have never left each other.

    Every year they see the same man walking across the bridge. They see him painting all day long. They do not know what he is painting, but they think he is painting the fjord and the bridge. For seven years they have been wanting to know what he is painting, but they do not want to interrupt him.

    One day the girls decide to ask the man what he is painting. They walk over the bridge, and knock on the door of his house, which is at the end of the bridge. No one opens the door, so the girls open the door themselves and walk inside. In the house they see all the paintings that the mysterious man has been painting all these years. The girls are speechless because the paintings represent them! Seven different paintings from seven different years. You can see the girls  turning into young women looking at  each of the paintings. Suddenly someone opens the door and they see the man entering the room. He can see the worried faces of the girls and says gently:  “My name is Edvard Munch, and I can explain”…


    Spanish Part:Once three girls had that you liked to see rivers from the bridges more nearby. After researching the creatures of the rivers, they decided to adopt a fish called darwin. They were one year researching its cells and attempted to return it to its home, the river. What happened that to return it, he jumped and jumped, I wanted to be on Earth and not in the water. So the three girls decided to make him a habitat where this comfortable. The fish was very happy with their new habitat and three girls lived very happily and ate partridges 


    Polish Part: One day, me and my friends decided to go on the most beautiful bridge in our city. In fact it was a break in our long rehearsal for a drama performance planned for the next week. That I was why we were wearing some old-fashioned dresses. I was wearing a white dress, Anita a red one and Justina a green one. We also had nice hats matching our beautiful dresses. While we were standing on this bridge, I got a message. My dad called me because my mother had an accident. He didn’t tell me much and disconnected very quickly. Suddenly I got so sad, I didn’t say anything to my friends. First I wanted to learn more and I called back. Fortunately it wasn’t a bad accident. Mum was taken to hospital to be examined but she seemed to be fine. Dad had some problems with his phone. Later on I met Tomek. He saw us on the bridge and he took a great photo of us. It was before my second connection to my father, before I learned that the news was not so bad.

    Greek Part: It was the summer of 1901. It was one of the hottest days so i decided to put on my white dress and wear my favourite yellow hat. My two best friends came by my house and we decided to go for a walk along the bridge. As soon as we started walking i could sense someone following us but everytime i looked back i couldn't see anyone familiar. An hour later, we reached the bridge and we were really surprised  to see how many people had the same idea as we did. We leaned over and watched the boats going by on the river. I started having the same feeling again, that someone was watching us. Suddenly, i heard my friend Vicky saying: "Look Natasha, it's that neighbour of yours. There in that blue boat". I couldn't believe my eyes. "Oh no, it's Edvard again. I hate him" And i turned my back at him.... 


                                                       3)Story for Children's Concert of Georgious Jakobides



    Turkish Part:There was a children festival in our town.All the children were enjoying themselves.Three of my sisters were giving a small concert on the stage.We were feeling so happy.When the festival was over,we all came home by still playing our instruments.

    My grandmother was just in front of the  small fire-place.She was knitting.She loved it alot because she had more free time to do it.My brothers wanted to give a small concert to my grandparent.But she didn't want them to do it.Actually my brothers wanted to have a good time.Suddenly they started to play their intrument.

    My grandma couldn't stand hearing loud music.So she put her hands to her hear not to hear the music.She was old and the music they made was not her favourite one.She thought it was just loud and distrubing.


    Norwegian Part:

    One early morning in a little house out in the woods, a mother could hear a terrible noise. So could the neighbors far away. Her three sons were having a concert for their mother. The orchestra consisted of a drum, a trumpet and a flute. They were not only playing for their mother, but for the whole town as well.  She had to put down her knitting, so she could use her hands to shut out the noise. On the other hand, the daughter really liked the music.

    The neighbors were complaining, however, the children would not stop. The whole neighborhood was woken up by the sound of the children playing. After a while the sister in the family joined them, and started to sing. Then their mother finally got enough. She ripped the instruments out of her children’s hands. The children were scared to death. All the mother could say was: «Thank you for your entertainment, now you are free to go out, and never come back with that terrible music.” She went back to her knitting and watched her disappointed children walk out of the room.


    Spanish Part:Once upon a time a house where four children were playing music to her grandmother that molestaba.Un boy was playing the trumpet , another child was playing the harmonica and the other tambor.Mientras the girl was watching , the grandmother was sewing up children came to molestar.

    La house is old , the walls are white and there is a flower beside the window side of the window is stuck a libro.Hay a ball of wool on the floor colour red.Behind Grandma there is a fireplace green


    Greek Part: The children were so happy. Finally their wish had come true. Their father gave them the musical instruments they had always wanted: Thomas got the trumpet, Peter got the drums, and John got the harmonica. They jumped for joy as soon as they opened the parcels. "Ok boys, you can have the instruments you wanted on one condition: Don't bother your grandma, she can't stand the noise". "Sure daddy", they shouted all together. 

    They used to stay in the storehouse for hours, rehearsing their favourite songs. "Listen, everyone" said Peter "Tomorrow it's grandma's birthday. What do you think about surprising her with the birthday song?" "Yes, it's a great idea", they all agreed. The next day, grandma was sitting in her favourite place, next to the fireplace, knitting a red scarf for Thomas. The boys burst into the room and started playing what they thought was a birthday song but it sounded like a dog was crying and a wolf was howling. Poor grandma... she lost some of her hearing on that day.  

    POLISH PART One day, dad came back from a far land and he brought his three sons musical instruments. The boys were very happy. They immediately wanted to play the instruments, but certainly they couldn’t do it. However their father promised to find someone who will teach them to play. The boys were very impatient and tried to play even if they didn’t have an idea how to do it. Usually they were ‘playing’ outside, not near the houses. They had a friend called Ela. She was a young girl but she really liked playing jokes. And on Fool’s Day she suggested going to her aunt living in a nearby village and playing for her. A week earlier she told her aunt that the boys are young but can play their musical instruments very well. When they arrived the aunt was knitting an orange scarf. She agreed to listen to them playing but when they started she couldn’t stand it. She tried to plug her ears but it was unbearable and furious aunt threw all four out.


                                                     4)Story for Göreme,Pigeon and the Women of Nuri İyem




    Turkish Part:We are six sisters.We live in Göreme in Cappadocia Region in Turkey.Our town is small but unique with its fascinating fairy chimneys.It is also famous for its white pigeons.

    A few years ago we went to bazaar and bought a white pigeon and also took a photo with it.It was so white  and pure and innocent that we began to call it as "Peace"." We  would make ourselves understood.All of us loved it a lot but mostly our sister Ayşe.The Peace  was in her hands  in a day.One day our sister Ayşe became seriously ill and died at her youg age.We have all mourned for  our  beloved sister for days and weeks.

    This is the last picture now which was left from the days with my sister.My older sister wrote a poem after her:

    "Peace  in  my  dead sister's hand,

     She  is now  in the  far away land."



    Spanish Part:The Bird:Once upon a time, it was a rainy day. One girl was looking at the window and saw a wounded bird, she wanted to help it but her father doesn't let her go away out...
    She wanted to scape throw the other door, but the father saw her and he shouted and punished his daughter. 

    The next day the bird it wasn't there and finally she went out of the house and search for the bird. The street was very noisy, and she started to walk through the park. She was searching in all the street and finally she saw him in a top of a fountain. The girl carried him to her home and take him like a pet.


    Norwegian Part:

    Merhaba! Or “hello” as it is in English. My name is Isra and I am twenty years old. I work as a maid in a mansion in a town in Cappadocia. I take care of the children and I clean the house.  My boss, the father of the children, treats me very badly. If I do not do my tasks I get punished.

    Yesterday the children decided to prank me. Early in the morning, right after breakfast, I heard a scream from the stables. It was Uner, the youngest, he was screaming: “Help! Help!” I dropped the bucket I was holding and rushed towards the stables. I carefully stepped inside, it was as dark as the water in the well. “Uner, where are you?” I asked. Suddenly I slipped on something wet and sticky, the smell was awful. I fell to the ground and realized I was covered in warm, fresh donkey feces. I heard the children laughing as they ran out of the stables.

    But once a week, when I am finished with the tasks, I can meet my friends in a nearby garden, they also work as maids for other families. When the six of us are together we enjoy our time off, we laugh and tell each other stories. We share our dreams of having our own family in the future. I usually bring my pet dove, a lovely little bird I rescued some months ago. He represents the freedom that we enjoy, if only for a short time….

    Polish Part: I lived in a big town and there were a lot of mountains in the region. One year there was a big event – the President, who was resting in the mountains, was also coming to our town. So many people arrived here. Nearly everyone  wanted to see him. Also me and my best friends went to the main square to take part in that meeting. He arrived about 10 o’clock. We were standing in front of the Town Hall and observing him. He was standing not far from us. Suddenly a lot of pigeons flew out of the building! He took one of them and gave it to me. I was very happy! I didn’t know why he did it, but I know, it was the most amazing day in my life!

    Greek Part: The six girls were fighting all the time. Who was the prettiest of them all? Was it Maria, the youngest? Was it Sofia, the tallest? Was it Katrina, the smartest? Was it Olga, the strongest? Was it Anna, the shiest? Or was it Fatma, the sweetest? Each and every one of them had so many positive characteristics but they couldn't see any of them and they didn't care. All they wanted to know was which girl was pretty enough to marry the general's son. He was the bravest and the most handsome boy in the village. So they decided to make a bet. They would let four white pigeons free and they would wait to see which of them would one of the pigeons choose. They were all very friendly with the birds because all of them would feed and take care of them every day. 

    So, they let the four birds go. Three of them returned to their cages but one of them went straight to Sofia's hand. The five girls looked at Sofia full of jealousy and meanness. No one noticed the bird seeds Sofia was hiding in her hand...    


                                                            5)Story for the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali



    Turkish Part:I was very tired and exhausted.It was very hot outside.I wanted to arrive home as soon as possible.I was very thristy.I walked home with big paces.I was  about to fall a sleep.Just on the wall of the garden,I saw a dead pigeon and upon this had lost my sleep.I began to run home in fear.I got in and lay down the couch and fell a sleep.

    In my dream I was on a desert.There was a huge dead bird lying on the hot sand and very frightening.Then I saw a broken and rotten tree and a meltd watch on the brancf of it and another one a brown table.I noticed the ants on a plate.The clocks were melting.The scenery I saw was bigger then life. Then I woke up suddenly and I found out that it was just a dream.



    Spanish Part:Once upon a time a young man who lived alone, without a woman and without family. To see if one day have a wife and children. To see if things changed.. Months will step creating a time machine until finally got boarded. He ho on board into the time machine he had created and floor towards the future. But things started to get complicated. 

    When he managed to get to the future, he noticed that things began to melt and he had very hot. He looked around many watches and weird things. watches called him attention because he had dedicated his life to the time machine.


    Norwegian Part:

    I can see the large hand of the clock slowly moving one step to the right, tick tock, tick tock. I close my eyes and all my memories come back to me like a lightning bolt. My first day at primary school, secondary school, my graduation. My family and my friends. Happiness and misery, my life...... I hear the clock tick. Tick tock, tick tock. My life has passed by so quickly. Now I feel like time went by and I just stood still. I wish I could turn back time and relive my life. My illness makes me weak, I know that my time is limited. What have I done to deserve this? All I can do is wait. Time goes by, so does my life. However, even when my illness eventually will decide my fate, time will still continue. Time is forever. Time never stops. Tick tock, tick tock.


    Greek Part: I haven't been sleeping well lately. I wake up sweating and feeling tired. I keep seeing the same dream for two weeks now and i don't know what it means. I am in a desert, tired and thirsty. There are rocks and naked trees all around me. I keep walking and walking until i see something that looks like a dead horse in the distance. I get closer and i realise that it's not a dead horse but a strange creature with no eyes and no legs. The whole place seems to be dying, ants have covered an orange pocket watch and three more watches seem to be melting. As i try to touch the creature, i always wake up. What does this dream mean? Is time running out for me? What do you think doctor?

    I think you should stop eating burgers and pizzas before you go to sleep. They make you see nightmares.


    POLISH PART Once there was a princess who wanted to live on some sandstone . But her parents did not allow her. They promised to send her there when she grew up. The princes didn’t want to wait and she went to a witch and asked her for help. She offered her beautiful golden hair in return. The witch took the hair and turned the princess into a white bird. Then she told the bird to fly towards the sandstone. The poor bird was flying and flying for many hours. Finally she saw the sandstone in the distance but she couldn’t fly any more. Suddenly she saw a strange place. There was a table and a dead tree on it. There were some table clothes in the shape of clocks. She was so exhausted that she lied down near the table and put a piece of the tablecloth on her back and she immediately fell asleep.