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                                          "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"

                                                                                         Pablo Picasso/Spanish Painter




    About the Tasks

    Suggested Tools


    Task 1

    Post something about the famous artists.


    Task 2

    A Joint Painting (the mixture  one of the famous paintings of leading artists)Each team  will draw a  single  art work and then post it to other school.Each step of the team performance about it will be photographed.These are the paitings which we will work on.  (Here is the matching of the paintings with the schools)

    Turkish Team:Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali,Spanish Painter)

    Greek Team:Portrait (Nuri  İyem,Turkish Painter)

    Spanish Team: Stanczyk( Jan Matejko,Polish Painter)

    Polish Team: The Girls on the  Bridge -Edvard Munch,Norwegian Painter

    Norwegian Team :Georgios Jakobides –Children’s Concert,Greek Painter



    Task 3

    Painting  Comes into Life in  Writing:Each country will choose a famous painting  and uplaod it to Twinspace.School  Teams  will  work on 5 famous paintings.They will write a  single story to each painting.(It won’t be too short or too long)The stories are supposed to be  creative and imaginative.

    1. Stanczyk- Jan Matejko-Polish Painter

    2.Girls on the Bridge---Edvard Munch-

    3. Children’s Concert --Georgios Jakobides - Greek Painter

    4. Göreme,Pigeon and the Women -Nuri İyem-Turkish Painter

    5.The Persistence of Memory- Salvador Dali-Spanish Painter




    From Painting to Life :In this task,students from each school team will portray with the famous paintings (This is the matching!)

    Turkish Team

    a)Children’s Concert   (George Jakobides –Greek Painter)

     b)The Milkmaid-Johannes Vermeer – Dutch Painter

    Norwegian Team

    a)Göreme,Pigeon and the Women-Nuri İyem -Turkish Painter

    b)Girl With a Pearl Earing-- Johannes Vermeer –Dutch Painter

    Spanish Team

     a)The Flower Seller -- Georgios Jakobides—Greek Painter

     b)Pomegranestes and Quinces- Şeker Ahmet Pasha -Turkish Painter

    Greek Team

    a)The Old Gitarist—Picasso  -Spanish

     b) Stanczyk---- Jan Matejko,Polish Painter

    Polish Team

    a)The Sick Child—Edvard Munch (Norwegian Pianter)

    b)American Gothic—Grant Wood (American Pianter)



    Task 5

     The Joint Art Book:We will bring together all the art works in an e book as the final results of the Cafe Art.



     Subject Curricula

       in the Project Schools

    •   (Visual) Art -English -Computer

     Aims of the Activities  in Cafe Art

    • To learn about famous painters.
    • To make the students love art in their life and show them the uniting aspect of art beyond the borders.
    • To help them understand the uniting power of art among the people from different countries.
    • Help them improve their English and  ICT skills
    • To develop  their  sense creativity, teamwork,cooperation and communication




     The paintings we are going to work on:

    The Paintings of Edvard Munch,Norwegian Painter

                           The Girl On the Bridge                                          The Sick Child                                



    The Paintings of Nuri İyem,Turkish Painter 

       The Portrait                     Göreme,Pigeon and the Women       



    The Painting "Pomegranates and Quinces by Şeker Ahmet Pasha,Turkish Painter

    The Paiting of "The Old Gitarist" by Spanish Painter Pablo Picasso


    "The Persistence of Memory" by Spanish Painter Salvador Dali


      The Paintings of Greek Painter Georgious Jakobides

                                                     Flower Seller                                          Children's Concert


    The Painting of "Stanczyk" by Polish Painer Jan Matejko


                       The Paintings of Johannes Vermeer,the Dutch Painter             

                                    The Milkmaid                       Girl With a Pearl Earing

                              The Painting  "American Gothic" by American Painter Grant Wood




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