Short Evaluation of CM


    About the Task

    In this part, you can find short evalautions about  the activities to have been carried out in Cafe Maths and the students’ participation in the activities ..etc.



    Anna Wasko

    Zespół Szkół w Korczynie - Gimnazjum (Korczyna, Poland)

    In this Cafe students started with posting information about famous mathematicians. Next they talked to their Maths teachers to get an interestingMaths question. Then they publishedsuch a question on a padlet and other students tried to solve it.We suggested  some useful links to involve students into online Maths games and quizes.  They commented playing online games and solving quizes on a padlet. Later students wrote poems about Maths. Some tried interesting  Fibonacci style. Finally students took their cameras or smartphones with them and  tried to seethe maths-geometry in everyday life’s objects and prepared presentations of their pictures.




    Anna Catharina Campman

    Hovseter skole Oslo-Norway


    The majority of the students worked on the Cafe Math activities. The students wrote briefly about  mathematician of their choice on a padlet. In the next activity they had to solve math tasks posted by math teachers from the participating countries. They also played online games and quizes and posted comments about those on a padlet. In addition they wrote poems about mathematics and poems inspired by Fibonacci. For the last activity they produced short presentations about geometry and math tasks inspired by objects they see or use every day.