9. Let's focus on the Odyssey

  • Odyssey pages


    Inspired  by the title of our project, the pages on the Odyssey aim to enable students to refresh knowledge about  the epic work by Homer and expand further their linguistic skills.

    The pages 'Let`s focus on the Odyssey' include:


    -Odyssey`s vocabulary

    -The journey of Ulysses

    -Odyssey in Art

    -Odyssey`s influence

    -Favorite quotes from the Odyssey


    At the moment I will use this page to present our working materials and our work process about Odysseus and Odyssey in the German class.

    We started reading, that means translating from Latin into German, the story Odysseus apud Sirenes.

    I will do the same with my students. We will translate the passsage about the Syrens from Latin into Basque.

  • Odysseus

    Odysseus apud Sirenes

    Copy from the German workbook. Text from Hygin

    Sirenes 1

    Latin text from Hygin

    Ulysses and the syrens
    Sirenes 2

    Sirenes 2

    tasks related to the Latin text from Hygin
    in German and English / Eure Aufgaben Latein

    Odysseus and the Sirens

    Dialogue: Odysseus and his friends
    Hannah from Germany

    Odysseus and his friends.

    Dialogue in Latin by Cristina, Ekaitz, Izaro

    Odysseus and his friends.

    Dialogue in Spanish by Cristina, Ekaitz, Izaro

    Odysseus and his friends.

    dialogue in Latin by Amanda, Irati and Rita

    Odysseus and his friends

    Dialogue in Basque:Irene-Leire-Muskilda

    Odysseus and his friends

    Dialogue translated in Ancient Greek by Alex and Dora (27th General Lyceum of Athens)


    von Maxime


    von Johannes


    von Ida


    von Luci


    ein Text der Klasse in Deutschland

    Dialog Odysseus und seine Freunde

    von Hannah

    Sirenen und Apoll

    Text der deutschen Klasse

    Odysseus und die Sirenen

    von Luci

    Bericht ├╝ber Sirenen

    von Frederik