13th team. Technology

  • Crossbow sketch by Leonardo da Vinci

    This group will study the words related to

    Technology - Materials

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    1. Nicola D' Agostino      Italy            Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto" 
    2. Maria Grazia Sesto Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Berto"
    3. Julia Esteve Vaquez Spain INS d'Almenar
    4. Steliana Panagiotounakou Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    5. Tommaso Lombardini Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    6. Tommaso Putzu Italy Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei"
    7. Aris Voulgaris Greece 27th General Lyceum of Athens
    8. Panayiotis Georgakopoulos Greece 27th General lyceum of Athens
    9. Tobias Schmidt Germany Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule
    10. Iliana Katsifou Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου
    11. Ilian Kassari Greece Εκπαιδευτήρια Πάνου


    Ελληνικά English Français Italiano Español Deutsch Română
    φωτογραφία photograph photographie fotografia fotografía Fotografie fotografie
    τεχνική technique technique tecnica técnica Technik tehnică
    ενέργεια energy énergie energia energía Energie energie
    πλαστικός plastic plastique plastica plástico Plastik plastic
    κρύσταλλο crystal cristal cristallo cristal Kristall cristal
    ελαστικός elastic élastique elastico elástico elastisch elastic
    μηχανικός mechanic mécanique meccanico mecánico mechanisch mecanic
    ηλεκτρονικός electronic électronique elettronico electrónico Elektronik electronic
    αυτόματος automatic automatique automatico automático automatisch automat
    μέταλλο metal métal metallo metal Metall metal
    τηλέφωνο telephone téléphone telefono teléfono Telefon telefon
    ηλεκτρικός electric électrique elettrico eléctrico Elektrisch electric
    δυναμίτης dynamite dynamite dinamite dinamita Dynamit     dinamită
    κεραμικό ceramic céramique ceramica cerámica Keramik ceramică
    τεχνολογία technology technologie tecnologia tecnología Technologie tehnologie


    Look for information in online or conventional dictionaries.

    Collect the material from your research in the following google document:

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    It would be good for each student pair to use a different color when writing.

    You can now transfer your work to the presentations below:
    Each word will be presented in a different ppt.
    Don't forget to accompany your presentations with the appropriate images.

    Please select carefully (from the table below) the links corresponding to the words assigned to you by the teacher - leader of your team.

    Links to the presentations:

    1. photograph 6. elastic 11. telephone
    2. technique 7. mechanic 12. electric
    3. energy 8. electronic 13. dynamite
    4. plastic 9. automatic 14. ceramic
    5. crystal 10. metal 15. technology (Not done)


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