Odyssey in art

  • Let's create our own art gallery

    Many painters have depicted the adventures of Ulysses.

    Search the web and find as many paintings as you can.

    Note the following:

    • Save each painting on your computer using the name of the painter and the title of the work.
    • Upload all the paintings in the twinspace and put them in the materials, in the "Paintings" folder.

    Now you are ready to create your own virtual art gallery.

    Go to https://www.emaze.com/  and sign in using

    the username:               gregnik.69488826@gmail.com                           
    and the password:        Abc123


    Click on "create new"
    Then click on  "presentation"
    Choose one of the two templates: "gallery"  or "soho gallery"
    Create a virtual presentation of the art works. 
    Don't forget to write a short description for every piece of work containing the name of the artist, the title and, if possible, some information about the theme.  


    When our presentation is ready, we will upload it to this page.

        And here it comes! Congrats to all participants!

                    Our Odyssey Art Gallery